VSAM Interview Questions : Part 2

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Latest Mainframe VSAM Interview Questions.

  1. Explain what does a file status of 02 on a VSAM indicate ?
  2. What do you mean by an alternate index and path ?
  3. What do you mean by SHAREOPTS in VSAM ?
  4. How can you decide on optimum values for CI, FREESPACE in VSAM?
  5. What is the meaning of each of the values in SHAREOPTS (2 3) ?
  6. How can you define a kSDS in VSAM?
  7. How do you define an ALTINDX ? How do you use ALTINDXs in batch, CICS program's ?
  8. What happens when you open an empty VSAM file in a COBOL program for input ?
  9. How do you initialize a VSAM file before any operation ? a VSAM with alternate index ?
  10. How do you calculate record size of an alternate cluster ? Give your values for both unique and non-unique.
  11. Can you specify FREESPACE CE for an ESDS ?
  12. What more info you should give in the DD statement while defining the next generation of a GDG ?
  13. Explain what is the main difference between sequential files and ESDS files in VSAM?
  14. Let us consider a scenario.Suppose 3 generations of a GDG exist. How would you reference the 1st generation in the JCL ?
  15. Suppose a generation of GDG gets created in a particular step of a proc. How would you refer the current generation in a subsequent step ? What would be the disposition of this generation now ?
  16. Explain in brief what are the distinctive features of a KSDA, key sequenced data-set?
  17. During processing of a VSAM file, some system error occurs and it is subsequently unusable. What are the steps you would take ?
  18. Explain in brief about CA, control area in VSAM?
  19. Assuming that the DEFINE JCL is not available, how do you get info about a VSAM file's organisation ?
  20. What  do you mean by a CI, control interval in VSAM?
  21. How can you define a GDG in VSAM?
  22. How can you fix the problem that is associated with VSAM out of space condition ?
  23. Explain what is the meaning of VSAM RETURN-CODE 28 ?
  24. What does the KEYRANGES parameter in Define Cluster commends do ? 
  25. On which data-set, you can have ALT INDEX in VSAM?
  26. How many Alternate Indexes you can have on a data-set in VSAM?
  27. How do you load a VSAM data set with records ?
  28. Is it always slower if you try accessing a record through ALT INDEX as compared to Primary INDEX ?
  29. Is it required that all versions of the GDG have to be of the same record length ?
  30. Can you describe how are the different versions of GDG named in VSAM ?
  31. How many buffers are allotted to VSAM KSDS and ESDS ?
  32. Can you tell me what is the biggest disadvantage of using a VSAM data-set ?
  33. What are the different types of VSAM data-sets ? Explain with examples.
  34. Explain how are records stored in an ESDS, entry sequenced data-set?
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