VSAM Interview Questions : Part 3

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VSAM Interview prepared by Experts. 

The questions will help a job-seeker prepare for VSAM Interview.

  1. What do you mean by IDCAMS  in VSAM? Explain its purpose.
  2. How do you delete a member using JCL.Explain
  3. Is it slower if you access a record through ALT INDEX as compared to Primary INDEX ?
  4. Explain what is the difference between LDS and ESDS in VSAM?
  5. How is the procedure to decide on optimum values for CI, FREESPACE etc ?
  6. What is RECOVERY and SPEED parameters in DEFINE CLUSTER command ?
  7. What is the device independent method to indicate where a Record is Stored ?
  8. Can you tell me how many times secondary space be allocated in VSAM?
  9. What is the RRN for the first record in RRDS ?
  10. Can you run AMS commands from the TSO prompt ?
  11. If FSPC(100 100) is specified does it mean that both the control interval and control area will be left empty because 100 % of both CI and CA are specified to be empty ?
  12. What do you mean by a sequence set in VSAM?
  13. Explain in brief what are the optional parameters to the input data-set while loading the empty cluster with the data records ?
  14. What is a VSAM split? Explain with examples.
  15. What do you mean by base cluster? Explain its consequences.
  16. Describe the syntax of AMS modal commands in VSAM ?
  17. Would you specify FREESPACE CE for an ESDS ?
  18. What is the use of SHAREOPTS in VSAM?
  19. How are different versions of GDG named ?
  20. Can you explain what is IDCAMS in VSAM?
  21. Can you name some common VSAM error conditions and codes which frequently occurs in VSAM.
  22. What do you mean by VSAM-code field ?
  23. Can you tell me why in VSAM, we use export-import utility?
  24. What do you mean by a path in VSAM?
  25. What is the upgrade set?
  26. Explain what is a VSAM slot ?
  27. What are the types of VSAM datasets ? 
  28. Do all versions of the GDG have to be of the same record length ?
  29. What more info you should give in the DD statement while defining the next generation of a GDG ?
  30. Assuming that the DEFINE JCL is not available, how do you get info about a VSAM file's organisation ?
  31. Describe SHAREOPTIONS parameter (SHR) in Define Cluster command.
  32. What does the KEYRANGES parameter in Define Cluster commends do ?
  33. What do you mean by index set in VSAM?
  34. Explain what is a CA, control area?
  35. What is the meaning of dynamic processing in VSAM?
  36. What is the COBOL RECORD KEY clause?
  37. Explain what are the distinctive features of a KSDA, key sequenced dataset in VSAM?
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