AS-400,AS/400 Technical Interview Questions Answers: Part II

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AS-400, AS/400 Technical Interview Questions.

Which are the four keywords supported by Program Status Data Structure?
Answer :

Which are the String Manipulation Opcodes?
Answer :

DB2 is a type of Database?
:It is an Integrated RDBMS.

An access path may be in which sequence?
Answer :
It can be in Arrival & Keyed sequence

To change constant field defined on RLU screen which field level keyword should be used?
Answer :
DFT (Default)

Space & Skip are which level keywords?
Answer :
Field & Record

A Join Logical File has how many Record formats?
Answer : 1

A Multiple format Logical File is also known as?
Answer :
Union File

How does Union file maintains Record formats?
Answer :
1 Record format for each PF

Records can be Read/Update/Deleted with which file?
Answer :
Simple Logical File & Physical File.

Which type of object is used in DB2/400?

What is SQL?
Answer :
SQL is an interface for programming language.

File level entry for a PF can be?
Answer :

What is the command to create FRF?
Answer :

Join Logical File displays data from how many files?
2 or more PF’s

A Query can be displayed without saving it?
Answer :

Which are the Query selection criteria, which can be given in a Query?
Answer :

To add a file to the ‘File Selection’ option of a Query, the function key to be pressed is?
Answer :

A query can be run in which mode?
Answer :
Batch & Interactive

What is the values SQLCOD when there is an error in fetching the records specified in the select statement?
Answer : -
ve value

A file cannot have more than 1 unique key?
Answer :

DLCOBJ command is mandatory for removing lock on any object?
Answer :

What is a Journal?
Answer :
A Journal is an object used primarily to record changes to data in a PF.

Which are the DB2 tools to protect Integrity of the database?
Answer :
Journaling & Commitment Control, Referential Integrity Embedded SQL & Object/Record Locks.
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