AS400 FAQs, Interview Questions and Answers

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AS400 FAQs, AS400 Interview Questions.

AS400 Frequently Asked Interview Questions Answers.

What is a library in AS/400 ?
Answer :
Library in AS/400 is an object that serves as a repository for other objects.

Name few IBM supplied libraries ?

What is a library list ?
Answer :
Library list that indicates libraries used for the process and the order in which it has to be
searched. System identifies it in *LIBL.

How many libraries can be there in a library list ?
Answer :
Total 40 (15 system and 25 application).
DDS - Data Description Specification.
Source Physical File contains the source for the various objects created. This file has a specific structure.

What is the difference between Physical and Logical files ?
Answer :
Physical file contains data, where as Logical file serves as a access path to database.

What does the keyword UNIQUE mean ?
Answer :
Records with duplicate key values are not allowed.

What is FCFO, FIFO, LIFO in Database environment ?
Answer :
These are file level keywords which are used to access the records in the order
FCFO : First Changed First Out
FIFO : First In First Out
LIFO : Last In Fist Out

How many record formats can you have in a Physical file and in a Logical file ?
: Physical file can contain only one record format, Logical file can contain more than one record format.

What is Multi-format logical file ?
Answer :
Logical which uses fields from two or more physical files.

What is keyword PFILE specifies ?
Answer :
PFILE is used define the Physical file being referenced.

What is a Join Logical File, Can it be used for Update ?
Answer :
Logical file that combines more than one physical file.
Update is not possible through JLF.

Is it possible to join the same file to itself ?
Answer :

What does SDA stands for ?
Answer :
Screen Design Aid.

What is the symbol used for defining a new field in SDA?
Answer :

What is the symbol used for shifting fields in SDA?
:'<' , '>'.

What is the symbol used for copying & moving new field in SDA?
Answer :
Copying : '-' & '=='.
Moving : '-' & '='.

What is the symbol used to get name & length of a field in SDA?
Answer :
'?' .

How can a screen field that has changed since the last output operation be detected ?
Answer :
Attach the MDT attribute to the field, to detect whether field has been changed as a result of user input.

What are the different types of specification available in RPG/400 ?
Answer :
Control Spec.( H )
File Spec.( F )
Extension Spec.( E )
Line counter Spec.( L )
Input Spec.( I )
Calculation Spec.( C )
Output Spec.( O )

Is it necessary to define all formats ? Which are mandatory and which are Optional ?
Answer :
No, all are Optional.

What is the use of E specification in RPG ?
Answer :
Extension Specs describes all record address files, arrays and tables.

In which specification can a report layout be defined ?
Answer :
O Specification.

How many files can be defined in F specs ?
Answer :
A maximum of 50 files.

Can an indexed file be accessed in arrival seQuence in RPG program ?
Answer :

In which specification Data Structures can be defined?
Answer :
I - Spec.

When is a TAG statement used in RPG ?
Answer :
It is used as a Label.
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