COBOL Interview Questions : Series 4

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COBOL Interview Questions expected in a Mainframe Interview. 

Please use the comment section to answer.

  1. Explain what is the difference between WRITE and MOVE in COBOL.
  2. What are the two COBOL verbs that are used in data division?
  3. What is the meaning of 'TALLING' and 'EJECT' verb in COBOL ?
  4. Without execution COBOL program how to see output?
  5. How to rename input filename and outputfile name in COBOL?
  6. What are the different data types available in COBOL? Explain in brief.
  7. How do you submit JCL via a COBOL program ?
  8. Describe the difference between sub-scripting and indexing ?
  9. Can you use the Redefine clause in File section, if yes at which level number ?
  10. What is the maximum size of the variable length record?
  11. What is the Importance of GLOBAL clause according to new standards of COBOL?
  12. What is the Purpose of POINTER Phrase in STRING COMMAND?
  13. Can you describe in detail about the differences between COBOL and COBOL II ?
  14. What do you mean by COMP SYNC  in COBOL?
  15. How to execute a set of JCL statements from a COBOL program?
  16. Can you describe in detail about the difference between External and Global variables ?
  17. What will happen when we move a comp-3 field to an edited (say z (9). ZZ-) ?
  18. What divisions, sections and paragraphs are mandatory for a COBOL program ?
  19. What is the difference between Structured COBOL Programming and Object Oriented COBOL programming ?
  20. What is the difference between a subscript and an index in a table definition ?
  21. Can you describe the differences between sub-scripting and indexing ?
  22. What is the difference between index and subscript in COBOL ?
  23. What do you mean by Redefines clause ?
  24. How many sections are there in data division in COBOL?
  25. How do you code COBOL to access a parameter that has been defined in JCL ? And do you code the ARM parameter on the EXEC line in JCL ?
  26. What do you feel makes a good COBOL program ?
  27. What is the difference between Static call & Dynamic call  in COBOL?
  28. Can you describe in detail about the advantages of REDEFINES clause ?
  29. What care has to be taken to force program to execute above 16 Meg line ?
  30. Explain the main difference between SEARCH and SEARCH ALL ? Which one is more efficient ?
  31. Describe the best guidelines that should be followed to write a structured COBOL program?
  32. What is Pic 9v99 Indicates in COBOL ?
  33. In an EVALUATE statement, is the order of the WHEN clauses significant ?
  34. Explain what is the difference between PIC 9.99 and 9v99 ?
  35. What is the difference between a DYNAMIC and STATIC call in COBOL ?
  36. Explain what is the default value(s) for an INITIALIZE and what keyword allows for an override of the default. ?
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