IBM AS400 Interview Questions Answers: Series IV

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IBM AS400 Interview Questions Answers.

Questions asked in top companies - Wipro, Infosys, TCS.

Difference between CALL & SBMJOB?
Answer :
CALL performs interactively job while SBMJOB performs batch job.

Maximum number of Records in Display File?
Answer :

What does VLDCMDKEY means?
Answer :
Valid Command Key.

What is Subroutine in RPG?
Answer :
A subroutine is a group of statements in a program that can be processed several times in that program.

Do we have to Execute the *INZSR compulsory?
:No, it is a system-defined subroutine it is executed automatically.

What is the use of *PSSR in the program?
Answer :
Whenever there is any type error in the program the control straight away passes onto this subroutine.

Types of Tables in RPG?
Answer :
There are 2 types of tables in RPG they are: - Compile Time Tables Pre-Runtime Tables

What is the error if we don’t get login screen?
Answer :
There is some problem with subsystem.

How to run other job when one job is active?
Answer :
Change the priority or rename the job.

Use of Data Structures?
Answer :
· Dividing a field into sub fields.
· Changing the format of a field.
· Grouping non-contiguous data in a contiguous format.
· Defining an area of storage in more than 1 format.

Types of Data Structures?
Answer :

a. File Information Data Structure.
b. Program Status Data Structure.
c. User Defined Data Structure.
d. Multiple Occurrence Data Structure.
e. Date Area Data Structure.

What is Subfile?
:A Subfile is a temporary area in memory which records may written to & read from a display file device.

Which is the subsystem that is always on till the main power switch is off?
Answer :

What is the command to shutdown the As/400 Server?
Answer :

How can we know the CPU utilization of the server?
Answer :
WRKACTJOB (Work with active job) WRKSYSSTS (Work with system status)

Which are the libraries (system) always present in the library list?
Answer :

Which users are allowed to manipulate system libraries?
Answer :

What is a Join Logical File?
Answer :
A Join Logical File combines information from two or more physical files into one record format. Join Logical Files have
always one record format.

Types of Object Locks & what they do?
:There are mainly 3 types of locks they are as follow: - *EXCL : Only the routing step holding the lock can use the
object *EXCLRD : Routing step can read/update the file other jobs can only read. *SHRUPD : All jobs can read/update the object.

How do you place or remove locks on the objects?
Answer :

Some of the object types on which locks can be allocated?
Answer :
Data Area, Data Queue, File, Library, Message Queue, Menu &Program.

What is the opcode to release all the locks on a particular PF?
Answer :

What is a trigger?
Answer :
A trigger is an action that automatically occurs whenever a change Is made to a physical file.
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