Mainframe IMS Interview Questions

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Mainframe IMS Interview Questions, IMS Questions asked in top companies.

Professionals are asked to share the answers.

  1. Explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of a hierarchical database?
  2. What is the physical nature of a database called?
  3. Is it always necessary that all the segments in a DI/I database need to have key fields?
  4. How many key fields and search fields can a segment have in IMS?
  5. Is it necessary condition that the key field in a DI/I database be unique?
  6. What is a key field in an IMS database?
  7. Cn you explain in brief what is a Root in IMS DB?
  8. What is a database record?
  9. What do you mean by Hierarchy Chart?
  10. Give the definition of the terms Parent and Child.
  11. What are the control block in IMS? Explain its usage.
  12. Which is the first statement in COBOL-IMS programs?
  13. What is the return code you get after a successful IMS call? 
  14. Explain what is a hierarchy path in IMS?
  15. What do you mean by a Segment in IMS?
  16. What are the limitation on the no. of levels in a DL/I database ?
  17. What do you mean by Twins in IMS DB?
  18. Explain what are the control blocks available in IMS DB?
  19. How many segment types can you have in a DL/I database?
  20. What do you mean by a Segment type in IMS?
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