Top Siebel Scripting Interview Questions

12/02/2009 1 Comment

Siebel Scripting Interview Questions that can expected in a CRM Interview.

Dear readers, please use the comment section for the answers. We have listing some VBScript and eScript Interview Questions here.
  • Explain about the Scripting Best Practices in Siebel? 
  • How does scripting best practices ensure the best performance in a Siebel application?
  • What are the advantages of eScript over VBScript?
  • How do you do Garbage Collection in Siebel?
  • What are the cursor modes in Siebel Scripting?
  • What is the use of GENB Script? How is Genb script related to Browser  ?
  • What does ActivateField do? Do we need to do ActivateField for all the fields that we use in Siebel scripting ?
  • What is the difference between ForwardOnly and ForwardBackword cursor?
  • Explain the exception handling process in VBScript and eScript?
  • What is Structured Exception Handling?
  • How do you declare an array in eScript? Can you write the syntax?
  • What is the difference between SetSearchSpec and SetSearchExpr in Siebel?
  • What is the difference between SetSharedGlobal and GetSharedGlobal in Siebel scripting
  • How do you simulate a Business Service in the application? Explain the procedure.
  • In which objects in Siebel can we write script?
  • What is SetProfile Attribute? Explain with examples.

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  1. What is the difference between SetSearchExpr and SetSearchSpec in Siebel ?
    SetSearchExpr and SetSearchSpec are both BC methods, that are used to uniquely query records in Siebel scripting. Both these methods are called before ExecuteQuery BC method and are mutually exclusive, they should never be used together.

    Main difference is tyhat SetSearchSpec method is used to set the search spec in one field whereas SetSearchExpr is used to set search spec on entire BC rather level, including variuos fields of the BC



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