Abinitio Interview Questions asked in top Companies

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Abinitio Frequently Asked Interview Questions in top companies.

  1. How can you return multiple records from lookup in ABI?
  2. How does the parameter MAXCORE do in Ab initio?
  3. Explain the difference between XFR Expression and DML Expression? 
  4. Explain in brief about your work with ABI packages?
  5. What things you would keep in mind when you load data into a table?
  6. Explain how would you run the graph without GDE?
  7. What Dedup Sort and Checkpoint Sort in ABI? 
  8. What are the different versions and the latest releases of  Ab Initio?
  9. Describe in brief about is Adhoc File System? Tell us a scenario where you implemented it.
  10. When writing wrappers, what are the different commands that you take help of?
  11. What do the hidden files in a ABI sandbox represent and what does start.ksh represent?
  12. Explain in detail about testing abintio manually and through automation tools? 
  13. Explain the main difference between sandbox and EME. How can you perform check-in and checkout through sandbox.
  14. Explain the different ways you can debug Ab Initio graph
    Explain about the various partition and de-partition components you have used in your project?
  15. What is shell variable $mpjret used for? Where it is used in Ab Initio? 
  16. What is the difference between lookup and join?
  17. What is .abinitiorc file in Ab Initio?
  18. How will you find difference between two dates in Ab initio?
  19. What is a compressed data file, what are its advantages and disadvantages?
  20. What is a to Surrogate Key. How do you create a surrogate key using Ab Initio? 
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