Abinitio Interview Questions

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Abinitio Interview Questions asked in various companies.

Professionals are invited to share Answers.

  1. Explain how will you take input data from an excelsheet into Ab Initio?
  2. Explain about rollback plan in Ab Initio
  3. What is ABI fancing ? 
  4. How do you create web service in Ab Initio?
  5. Which one is do you think is faster for processing  delimited dmls or fixed length dmls. Explain why? 
  6. What are the ABI continuous flow components? 
  7. Does ABI support Oracle Merge statement?
  8. Explain in brief about the Ab Initio ETL tool Architecture
  9. What are the 6 main data processing products in Ab Initio?
  10. How will you strip out header and footer rows in a data file?
  11. Explain about the Grant and Revoke statements? Also describe DDL facility and its implementation.
  12. Is backward compatibility allowed in Ab Initio? If Yes, then explain how?
  13. How will you do Record by Record Comparison in ABI?
  14. How will you integrate Ab Initio With Hadoop/Big Data
  15. What is an a outer join? Explain about left and right outer join? What are Cartesian joins?  
  16. What is an index? Explain in brief about clustered index and non-clustered index. How will you force the optimizer to use a particular index? 
  17. How can you reverse-engineer a graph?
  18. How do you read from and write to the same file in a graph?
  19. What is Replicate and Broadcast?
  20. What is Included Rulesets in Ab Initio?
  21. How will find old recovery files on Abinitio?
  22. What is a Surrogate Key? How will you create one in ABI?
  23. Explain Multi Update Table in Ab Initio
  24. What is buffered copy?
  25. Explain Checkpointed Sort in brief.
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