BO Designer Interview Questions

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BO Designer Interview Questions.

BO Professionals are invited to share Answers.

  1. Explain what are the Testing responsibilities in BO ?
  2. How many tabs can be added in a report i.e. How many times can we drill a report
  3. Explain how do we check the data is correct or not in the report after generating the query?
  4. How can you validate Business Objects Report 
  5. How to do row level security in Supervisor?
  6. What are the problems faced in report generation & universes?
  7. What is UNIT Testing Method in BO? 
  8. How to bring data from 5 different providers into one block?
  9. Explain about online linking of Reports ?
  10. What happens to business objects report if the cardinality is not specified?
  11. What is the difference between Sort and Filter function
  12. Why there is no global or local repository like in Informatica ?
  13. Explain about dashboard and canned report? Can you also tell the difference between canned and dashboard report? How many type reports are there? 
  14. In BO supervisor, how many types of users are there and what are they?
  15. Explain in detail what are BO best practices?
  16. What do you mean by Ascential Datastage Manager and where is it applied?
  17. What is the difference between slice and dice and drill through
  18. Explain what do you mean by multi value error?Is there any types of Error in BO?
  19. How can you create Cascading prompts in BO?
  20. Explain the main difference between Condition and Filter.
  21. Can we overwrite the SQL query after creating the report?
  22. How can you prevent overlapping of the tables in WEBI?
  23. What do you mean by Data Profiling in Business Objects?
  24. Can you please tell me whether we can able to create a Universe for a text file. If yes, how?
  25. What are the main differences between BO's 5.x and 6.x. Explain in detail.
  26. Can a universe be connected to different databases in Business Object?
  27. What do you mean by Data Synchronization in Business Objects?
  28. How to improve performance at universe level and at report level ? 
  29. Explain what do you mean by a Universe in BO? 
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