Business Objects Common Interview Questions

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Some frequently asked Business Objects Interview Questions. 

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  1. Can you describe how do we configure B.C.A in B.O?
  2. Explain how to configure LDAP protocol in BO?
  3. Explain what do you mean by casual dimension?
  4. What is a Thin Client Report? Can you explain?
  5. When do we go for cross tab , master-detail and chart blocks in a report ?
  6. How do you check whether the data in the report is correct ot not ?
  7. Explain in detail the Architecture of Business Object?
  8. Can you please tell me how to delete a duplicate rows in a Report. Is it really possible to do so?
  9. Explain the difference between Condition and Filter in BO.
  10. What do you mean by Presenter? Explain the difference between Presenter and Condition.
  11. Name some of the business objects dashboard Analytics?
  12. How Can We Restrict a database connection to a particular user? 
  13. Can you specify the address from where we can get the information about dashboard in business objects? 
  14. Can we make an object as necessary object, i.e without that object that report will not work,how can we do that? 
  15. Explain what are the main requirements for cube creation in business objects XI?
  16. In a BO report can we hide an particular object, if yes then how? 
  17. How does the hierarchy and scope of analysis helps in Reports. How does these both gets related. 
  18. How do you Find the average of an object with out using the Average Function and by using only sum,average,max,min? 
  19. Is there any other repository domains rather than universe,security and doccument?
  20. In the BO universe, how do you link two universe?
  21. Explain what is the difference between datamart and datawarehouse? 
  22. Explain the difference between union and group in Business Object.
  23. What do you mean by BO SDK? 
  24. What is drill filter and it's usage in Business Objects? How many types of filters are there. Give examples ? 
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