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Business Objects Universes, BO XI Interview Questions.

  1. Explain how many universes did you create?
  2. Please elaborate how many classes where there, and objects in each class?
  3. Explain what do you mean by Object qualification in BO?
  4. Can you describe about a complicated object you have created?
  5. What are the problems you have faced when you were creating an universe? Can you tell me an incident and how you went about solving the same? 
  6. What is the difference between conditions and filter in Data Warehousing. Explain?
  7. Can you differentiate between crystal report and desktop intelligence
  8. What is the difference between derived tables and a view? Can you tell me which one of it will give better performance ? 
  9. Consider a scenario, if in a report if we have two tables, can we hide one of the table ?
  10. Can we open the full client reports on thin client and vice verse?
  11. What is the main difference between count and count all function?
  12. What do you mean by Infoview in BO?
  13. What is a cube in Business objects? How do we create a cube in Business objectsXI? 
  14. If  you need to restrict a report to show the 50 most used contractors How would I select the top 60?
  15. What do you mean by a microcube in BO?
  16. What is a section in a business objects report?
  17. How can you change AND to OR in the query pane?
  18. Explain the difference between BO 6.5 Webi & Xir2 Webi?
  19. What Error do you get when you create any invalid variable in the BO Webi XI R2 report ?
  20. What is difference between custom hierarchy and report based heirarchy? 
  21. What so you mean by universal join in BOs? 
  22. What is the difference between condition and a filter?
  23. How would you set up a variable to show a rolling 4 week average of, for example Arrears? 
  24. Can we save or create more than one universe in one repository.
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