Business Objects Frequently Asked Questions

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Business Objects Frequently Asked Questions.

Professionals are invited to share Answers for these BO Questions.

  1. Explain what are the main difference between business objects 6.5 and XI R2
  2. What do you mean by a Data Cube in BO? Explain its usage?
  3. Explain what is aggregate awareness and how can we use it?
  4. Are Data mart and DWH normalised or denormalised ? Do both of them exist in the same tier ?
  5. Can you tell me what all will be exported to the repository, when we export a universe ?
  6. What is the main difference between detect alias and detect context?
  7. Differentiate between Webi and Infoview.
  8. Explain what is the difference between ZABO and webi?
  9. What are the steps you would take to schedule the report?
  10. Explain what do you mean by Object Stores in BO?
  11. How can we test the reports in the business objects? How can you create the tabs in the reports?
  12. Which versions are used in the BO dashboard work?
  13. Tell me what are the steps to do to use Alerts in BO?
  14. How can you execute the PL/SQL procedure from the report by clicking with mouse?
  15. When do we use aggregate awareness function in BO designer?
  16. Explain in brief how can we schedule a report in BO?
  17. What is the use of report template in BO?
  18. Can you tell me how many universes can be created in a project in BO?
  19. How can we generate the report from excel sheet in Business Objects?
  20. Explain in brief about Alerts in BO,  and under what situation we need to use alerts?
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