Business Objects Interview Questions asked in various companies

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Business Objects Interview Questions asked in IBM, HP and Accenture.

BO Professionals are invited to share Answers for these Interview Questions.

  1. What do you mean by a BO repository?
  2. Explain how we drill up week to Month?
  3. What is the difference between slice and dice and cross tab report?
  4. Can we create Alerts in WEB Intelligence, if yes then how?
  5. What is the difference between section and master in BO 6.5 desktop intelligence?
  6. What is context in Business Objects. Explain its usages?
  7. Explain what is the difference between COGNOS 8 and Business Objects and which business intelligent tool is best for reporting purpose?
  8. Can you tell me how many types of user profiles are there in business objects WI?
  9. Explain about scorecards and dashboards in Business Objects.
  10. Explain how do you migrate ZABO reports from one server to another?
  11. What are the Hardware and Software system requirement of installation of Business objects xi R2
  12. What do you mean by Business Objects Auditor and what can you do by using Auditor?
  13. Explain in brief hat are the major difference between B.O XI R/2 and B.O XI R/1?
  14. When do we require to use 2 or more data providers to make a report?\
  15. What do you mean by a derived table in data warehousing?
  16. How do we join two reports in for webi when they are on two different tabs?
  17. Describe how many types of errors we can face while creating a universe and generating a report?
  18. Explain how do you apply ranking on crosstab? Is there any limitation for rows and columns in the crosstab
  19. Why we are using Crystal Reports as a Reporting Tool in B.O XI instead of Desktop Intelligence. What are major advantages in crystal reports when you compared with desktop intelligence?
  20. Explain what do you mean by bust in BO?
  21. How do we add two data providers in Business Objects?
  22. How can you migrate BOs Universes,users and user groups,and report from version BO6.5 to XIR2?
  23. What is info bust in BO, What is the main purpose of this?What is meant by report tracing in BO?
  24. If a Cartesian product pop up block appears when running a report. Does it give wrong values? How do we solve this issue?
  25. Explain about data profiling & data synchronization with real-time usage.
  26. Explain what do you mean by ZABO and where it is used?
  27. Can you describe about Business Objects Architecture in detail.
  28. Explain how can you get list of all reports used by Business Objects users?
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  1. Thanks a ton for the list. i have an interview on SAP BO next week, this was huge help. thanks once again. SAP BO Online Training



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