Business Objects Technical Interview Questions

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Technical Interview Questions and Answers on Business Objects. 

Learn by sharing BO Interview Questions asked in various companies.

  1. Explain what do you mean by method overriding in BO?
  2. What are steps we have to follow in designing the user friendly Universe?
  3. What is a Outer join Subscribe ?
  4. How to run universe scripts in BO?
  5. Explain in brief about Measure Objects, its usage and how to create it?
  6. Under what condition, we have to use alias& and in what situation we to use contexts?
  7. What are the steps that you need to take care to create a good Universe?
  8. What do you mean by a Table Browser in BO?
  9. Differentiate between by slicing and dicing in business objects?
  10. Explain the main differences between Business Objects 5.1 & 6.5 ?
  11. Explain how do you link two different universes in BO?
  12. How can you create Universe using Flat file in BO 6.0
  13. How can you create Generic TIME CLASS, which includes Objects Year, Month and Quarter?Database to be used is Oracle.
  14. Explain how can you create Context in BO?
  15. When do you use local filter and when global Filter?
  16. Explain in detail the functional and architectural differences between Business Objects and Web Intelligence Reports.
  17. What do you mean by a Theta join in BO?
  18. How do you create cascading prompts in Business Objects?
  19. How to connect one to one report in BO?
  20. Which command using Query Analyzer will give you the version of SQL server and operating system
  21. How can we achieve Correlated sub-query in Designer?can anyone help me in this regard.
  22. whether severity and priority are synonyms
  23. When you are resolving loops, how do you decide whether alias or context to be used?
  24. In how many ways can we test the universe and report?
  25. Is it possible to apply Rank and Sort at a time on a single report?
  26. What are the user requirements in a universe?
  27. Explain what is the main difference between user and versatile user in supervisor product?
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