Data Warehouse : DataStage Interview Questions Part 1

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Datastage Interview Questions.

Ascential Datastage Interview Questions asked in top companies like IBM, HP, TCS.

  1. Explain how do we join one Oracle source and Sequential file?
  2. Can you explain how we can implement Lookup in Datastage Server jobs?
  3. Differentiate between routine and transform and function?
  4. Is it possible to query a hash file? Can you justify your answer.
  5. Explain how do we enable the Datastage Engine? 
  6. How can you convert Server Jobs into Parallel Jobs? 
  7. How do you parameterize a field in a sequential file when you are using Datastage as ETL Tool?
  8. What do you mean by TX and what is the use of this in Datastage? 
  9. Differentiate between Merge Stage and Lookup Stage.
  10. Explain what is the difference between symmetrically parallel processing, massively parallel processing? 
  11. Differentiate between the Dynamic RDBMS Stage and Static RDBMS Stage.
  12. Explain the steps to run a job using command line.
  13. Explain about user activity in Datastage? 
  14. How can you catch bad rows from OCI stage? 
  15. How do you find duplicate records using transformer stage in server edition?
  16. What do you mean panthom error in Datastage.Explain?
  17. How can we increment the surrogate key value for every insert in to target database?
  18. Why do we use environmental variables? 
  19. What do you mean by fact load?
  20. How can we improve the job performance in Datastage? 
  21. How we can create rank using Datastage like in Informatica?
  22. What is the use of job control?
  23. What does # indicate in environment variables? 
  24. What are two different types of hash files? 
  25. Describe different types of star schema? 
  26. What are different types of file formats available?
  27. Name the different dimension table in a project? Describe with an example? 
  28. Explain what is the difference between buildopts and subroutines ? 
  29. Differentiate between sequential file and a dataset? When to use the copy stage?
  30. Explain the process of eliminating duplicate rows in Datastage? 
  31. What do you mean by complex stage? In which situation do we use one? 
  32. What do you mean by sequencer stage? 
  33. Describe different types of lookups in Datastage? 
  34. How do you find errors in job sequence?
  35. Explain the process of implementing Slowly Changing Dimensions in Datastage?
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