DataStage Interview Questions

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DataStage DataWarehousing Interview Questions.

Learn by sharing DataStage Interview Questions asked in various companies.

  1. Explain in detail how would you check for Job Errors in Datastage?
  2. Define Stage Variables and Derivations and Constants?
  3. What do you mean by Pipeline Parallelism?
  4. What is the version of Datastage you used ion your project and what are the features?
  5. Can you tell me why do we use a transformer?
  6. Explain about different schemas you have used in your Datastage project ?
  7. What was the intention of choosing one schema over another ?
  8. How can you read a sequential file in parallel?
  9. Explain different types of containers ?
  10. In a Datastage project where would you use the containers?
  11. Describe the whole process of updating the process control tables ?
  12. How do you implement SCD type I ,II, III in Datastage? Describe the diagram of jobs?
  13. How do you invoke a query in Datastage jobs ?
  14. Explain about environmental variables and the ways to declare them ?
  15. How do you invoke a bteq script in Datastage?
  16. Describe different ways to control the execution of Datastage jobs
  17. Explain what is the difference between Merge Stage and Lookup Stage?
  18. Differentiate between the Dynamic RDBMS Stage and Static RDBMS Stage ?
  19. How can you maintain version of Datastage jobs in a project?
  20. Explain how can you give access to multiple users for a job?
  21. How can you remove warnings in Datastage jobs ?
  22. Elaborate the process of removing duplicates ?
  23. Define server jobs in Datastage?
  24. What do you mean by containers?
  25. Is it possible to access the same job two users at a time in Datastage? 
  26. Tell us the possible ways of improving performance in aggregator stage?
  27. Describe SQL tuning in Datastage? Explain the process?
  28. Explain what is the use of tunnable? 
  29. How do you distinguish the surrogate key in different dimensional tables? How can we give for different dimension tables?
  30. How do you load source into ODS in Datastage?
  31. Can you tell me howow to kill the job in Datastage?
  32. How do you find the process id? Can you elaborate with steps? 
  33. Explain what is Integrated and Unit testing in Datastage ?
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