DataWarehousing DataStage Interview Questions

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DataStage Frequently asked Interview Questions in various companies.

  1. Explain how do we create index in Datasatge?
  2. Describe the whole flow of loading data into fact and dimensional tables?
  3. What is a sequential file that has single input link?
  4. Explain hashing algorithm in Datastage?
  5. What is Orchestrate options in generic stage, what are the option names value ?
  6. What are the steps you would take to fix the error "OCI has fetched truncated data" in Datastage?
  7. A batch process is running and it is scheduled to run in 5 minutes. After 10 days the time changes to 15 minutes. What type of error is this and how are the steps you would take to fix it? 
  8. What is the partition you have to use for Aggregate Stage in parallel jobs ? 
  9. What is the baseline to implement partition or parallel execution method in Datastage job. For instance. more than 2 millions records only advised ? 
  10. What are the orchestrate operators available in Datastage for AIX environment.
  11. Explain about the Debug stages in PX.
  12. Differentiate between Sequential Stage and Dataset Stage. When and how do you use them.?
  13. Explain how is memory allocation done while using lookup stage
  14. Describe about the Phantom error in the Datastage . How do you overcome this error?
  15. Explain about the Parameter file usage in Datastage 
  16. Are Type 30D hash file is GENERIC or SPECIFIC? 
  17. Is Hashed file an Active or Passive Stage? When and how will be it useful?
  18. Explain h0w do you extract job parameters from a file in DataStage? 
  19. What are System variables.When are they used? 
  20. How do we create Containers? 
  21. How do we tune the performance of Datastage? 
  22. What are the Job parameters that you use in DataStage? 
  23. Differentiate between routine and transform and function? 
  24. Explain how do we implement Lookup in Datastage Server jobs? 
  25. How do we implement Slowly Changing Dimensions in Datastage?. 
  26. How do we join one Oracle source and Sequential file?. 
  27. What do you mean by iconv and oconv functions? 
  28. Define quality stage and profile stage? 
  29. What is the use, significance and advantage of procedure in Datastage? 
  30. What are the important considerations while using join stage instead of lookups. 
  31. Explain how do you implement the type 2 Slowly Changing dimension in Datastage? 
  32. Name some the third party tools used in Datastage? 
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