DB2 Admin Interview Questions

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IBM DB2 Database Admin Interview Questions.

  1. Name the command to find the fixpack of db2udb installed?
  2. Explain in brief the three steps to do a redirected restore ?
  3. Describe about Backup, recovery and installation ?
  4. Differentiate between creating buffer pool with immediate option and default option?
  5. What do you understand by star schema and Vertical portioned tables?
  6. What can you design snow flow schema? 
  7. What do you mean by Sortheap ? 
  8. Defines the maximum number of private memory pages to be used for private sorts, or the maximum number of shared memory pages to be used for shared sorts
  9. What are the utilities that do a sort? 
  10. Explain the process of installing DB2 udb on a Linux/Unix server? 
  11. For a newly created Database,where parameters have not been set, can you take an online back up? 
  12. Explain what are the parameters that needs to be set to take an online back of the DB? 
  13. Describe what is the difference between logretain and userexit?
  14. Can you import a file of extension WSF ?
  15. Can you load a file of extension WSF ?
  16. Describe you working experience in portioned DB? 
  17. Differentiate between import and load in DB2? 
  18. What do you mean by normalization? Have you been part of design? 
  19. What do you mean by reorg ? What is runstats ?
  20. Explain in brief what are the activities you have done as a production support DBA ? 
  21. If you create an index , will it sort the corresponding column in the database?
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