Free Business Objects Interview Questions

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IBM Business Objects Interview Questions.

BO Professionals are invited to share Answers for these Interview Questions.

  1. Explain in brief about Business Object Security?
  2. Can you tell me how can you link different data providers in a single report in BO?
  3. How do you connect the facts and dimensions in the tables?
  4. What do you mean by Pragma in BO?
  5. How can you synchronize Microcubes generated by different queries?
  6. Explain the SQL Queries activated to database from Data provider in BO ? 
  7. Explain in brief about local filter and global filter in BO? 
  8. As we know there are two ways to transfer data from a report to Excel. Can you explain them?
  9. What are the different types of Filters available in BO. Explain with examples? 
  10. What is the most significant difference between regular universe and metric universe?
  11. Explain how do we create predefined filters in BO?
  12. What is the difference between condition and filter? What is a thumbnail?
  13. Explain about different background in alternative rows in BO.
  14. Explain about Synchronization Error in Business Objects.
  15. Explain how can we use the multiple data providers in a single report? 
  16. How many alters can we apply in single column of a report and max no of alters for a whole report. 
  17. Explain about Multiple data cubes for one report?
  18. What do you mean by canned universe and canned reports in Business Objects?
  19. How do we suppress the reports in BO?
  20. When there are 2 prompt statements given one after the other which one is prompted first when RUN?
  21. What operator would you use to allow wild card characters in a query?
  22. How would you hide fields in a report other than formatting the cells in BO?
  23. Explain how would you achieve Traffic Lighting in Business Objects?
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