Free COBOL Interview Questions

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IBM Mainframe Interview Questions covering COBOL questions. 

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  1. Explain what are the guidelines should be followed to write a structured Cobol program?
  2. Explain what is a bind in COBOL?
  3. What is a linkage section in COBOL?
  4. What does Pic 9v99 do?
  5. Explain what is the difference between PIC 9.99 and 9v99 in COBOL?
  6. What is the difference between a STATIC call and DYNAMIC in COBOL ?
  7. How to determine if a module is being called STATICALLY or DYNAMICALLY ?
  8. Explain what is the use of the REPLACING option of a copy statement ?
  9. Explain what is the difference between a binary search and a sequential search?
  10. What do you understand by LENGTH in COBOL II ?
  11. What does SET TO TRUE do in COBOL?
  12. Explain what is the default value for an INITIALIZE and what keyword allows for an override of the default ?
  13. What is an in line PERFORM When would you use it Anything else to say about it ? 
  14. Explain how do you submit a job from COBOL programs ? 
  15. How will you set a return code to the JCL from a COBOL program ? 
  16. What is SSRANGE, NOSSRANGE ? 
  17. Explain how do you define a sort file in JCL that runs the COBOL program ? 
  18. What is binary search ? 
  19. In a COBOL II PERFORM statement, when is a conditional tested, is it before or after you perform execution 
  20. Under what circumstances, a scope terminator become mandatory in COBOL?
  21. In an EVALUTE statement, is the order of the WHEN clauses significant ?
  22. What is AMODE(24), AMODE(31), RMODE(24) and RMODE(ANY) (applicable to only MVSESA Enterprise Server) ?
  23. Explain what is Static and Dynamic linking  in COBOL?
  24. What is COMP SYNC in a COBOL program?
  25. Explain call by context by comparing it to other calls ?
  26. Can you tell me what was removed from COBOL in the COBOL II implementation ? 
  27. What is the significance of ‘above the line’ and ‘below the line’ in COBOL? 
  28. What COBOL construct is the COBOL II EVALUATE meant to replace ? 
  29. Explain what is the difference between NEXT SENTENCE and CONTINUE in COBOL? 
  30. Explain how do you sort in a COBOL program. Give sort file definition, sort statement syntax and meaning. ? 
  31. Consider a scenario. A program has an array defined to have 10 items. But due to a bug, I find that even if the program access the 11th item in this array, the program does not abend. What is wrong with it ?
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