IBM Informatica Technical Questions

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Informatica Technical Interview, IBM Informatica Job Interview Questions, IBM Informatica Frequently asked Questions

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  1. When do you use a unconnected lookup and connected lookup in Informatica?
  2. Which is better among connected lookup and unconnected lookup transformations in Informatica or any other ETL tool?
  3. At what levels can you define parameter files and what is the order?
  4. Define Informatica repository in brief?
  5. Explain how do we store previous session logs?
  6. How can you define fact less Fact Table in Informatica
  7. How many types of TASKS we have in Workflow Manager and what are they?
  8. How to read rejected data or bad data from bad file and reload it to target?
  9. In my source table 1000 rec's are there.I want to load 501 rec to 1000 rec into my Target table  ?How can you do this ?
  10. What do you mean by inline view in Informatica?
  11. Explain what are different kinds of repository objects? And what it will contain?
  12. What are the differences between informatica6.1 and informatica7.1
  13. Explain what do you mean by session parameters? 
  14. What can we do in mapplets,that we cannot do in mappings
  15. What do you mean by bottleneck in Informatica?
  16. What do you mean by source qualifier transformation in Informatica? 
  17. What is the difference between power connect and power centre? What is the use of power connect.
  18. What is the procedure available to load the fact table. Describe in detail?
  19. What do you mean by intermediate task in Informatica? In what situation this task will be executed?
  20. When do you use Normal Loading and the Bulk Loading, can you also tell the difference?
  21. Which objects are required by the debugger to create a valid debug session?
  22. Briefly explain the Versioning Concept in Power Center 7.1.
  23. Define mapping and sessions in Informatica?
  24. What are the settings that you use to configure the joiner transformation?
  25. How can we use pmcmd command in a workflow or to run a session
  26. How do you define partitions in Informatica?
  27. What is bulk bind in Informatica? How does it improve performance?
  28. How many ways you can update a relational source defintion and what are they? 
  29. How to recover sessions in concurrent batches in Informatica? 
  30. What are Dimensions and various types of Dimensions in Informatica? 
  31. What are the different options used to configure the sequential batches? 
  32. What does Check-In and Check-Out option refer to in the mapping designer?
  33. What do you mean by SQL mass updating in Informatica?
  34. Explain what is the difference between PowerCenter 6 and powercenter 7?
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