IBM Informatica Tool Interview Questions

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IBM Informatica Tool Interview Questions. 

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  1. Differentiate between Local and Global repository in Informatica?
  2. What is the transformation that you can use in place of lookup?
  3. You need to prepare common documentation of session and its source and target. How do you achieve it?
  4. Can you tell me how to go for SCD's and its types.Where do we use them mostly?
  5. Explain how can we join 3 database like Flat File, Oracle, Db2 in Informatica
  6. How can you check the source for the latest records that are to be loaded into the target?
  7. What is the mapping for unit testing in Informatica, are there any other testings in Informatica, and how we will do them as a ETL developer.
  8. Can you tell me how many repositories can be created in Informatica?
  9. Explain in brief how to load time dimension in Informatica?
  10. In a sequential batch can you run the session if previous session fails? 
  11. Explain in brief  what are Aggregate transformation in Informatica? 
  12. What is hash table in Informatica? Can you explain in detail?
  13. Explain in brief what is Aggregator Transformation?
  14. What  do you mean by Sequence Generator Transformation? 
  15. Explain what is the difference between Mapplet and Reusable Transformation?
  16. What is the need of building a data warehouse in Informatica? 
  17. Can you tell me what type of repositories can be created using Informatica Repository Manager?
  18. You transfer 100000 rows to target but some records get discard. How will you trace them and verify that it got loaded?
  19. In a sequential Batch how can we stop single session?
  20. Can you update the Target table in Informatica?
  21. How Can we join one relational table and one flat file without having common key using joiner transformation? Is it possible to join without common key to join using joiner transformation?
  22. How do you configure mapping in Informatica?
  23. How many repositories can we create in Informatica? What is aggregate awareness?
  24. How to lookup the data on multiple tabels in Informatica
  25. Explain in brief  what are all the new features of Informatica 8.1?
  26. What do you mean by an ODS? Explain the main purpose of ODS.
  27. Can you tell me what is homogeneous transformation in Informatica?
  28. What are Session and Batches in Informatica? 
  29. Explain what is the difference between materialized view and a data mart?
  30. What  do you mean by the new lookup port in look-up transformation?
  31. What types of Errors occur when you run a session, can you describe them with real time examples.
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