Informatica Interview Questions Collection 1

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Informatica Interview Questions asked in top MNCs, Informatica Technical Interview Questions.

  1. Explain the procedure to write the query to list the highest salary of three employees?
  2. Under what circumstances do you we use dynamic cache and when do we use static cache in an connected and unconnected lookup transformation
  3. Can you tell me which objects cannot be used in a mapplet transformation in Informatica?
  4. By using Update Strategy Transformation we use to maintain historical data using Type2 &Type3. By both of this which is better to use and why?
  5. Describe the use of Materialized views and how are they different from a normal view.
  6. Explain how do you access the remote source into your session? 
  7. How can you fine tune the mapping and what are the methods we follow for different types of transformations?
  8. How many ways you can create ports? 
  9. Explain how do you recover the standalone session in Informatica? 
  10. In Source Qualifier and in Target I have 1,2,3 row and I want to insert 4,5 records in source and I want them in target also? What is the procedure to load them?
  11. What do you mean by folders in Informatica? 
  12. Explain in brief what are the different threads in DTM process?
  13. What are the steps followed in Informatica performance tuning ?
  14. What does reusable transformation mean. Can you explain?
  15. What do you mean by CDC in Informatica?
  16. What do you mean by IQD file in Informatica?
  17. What is sql override where do we use and which transformations
  18. Differentiate between PowerCenter 7 and PowerCenter 8?
  19. Explain the process of loading the time dimension?
  20. When Informatica 7.1.1 version was introduced into market
  21. Which one is better performance wise joiner or lookup
  22. Can a lookup be done on Flat Files in Informatica?
  23. What do you mean by SQL override? In which transformation we use override?
  24. Describe two levels in which update strategy transformation sets?
  25. Explain how can you call trigger in stored procedure transformation
  26. How do you handle decimal places while importing a flatfile into Informatica?
  27. How many worklets can be defined within a workflow in Informatica?
  28. How to retrieve the records from a rejected file. explane with syntax or example
  29. In update strategy target table or flat file which gives more performance ? why?
  30. What are main advantages and purpose of using Normalizer Transformation in Informatica?
  31. What are the different transformations where you can use a SQL override?
  32. What are the steps involved in to get source from OLTP system to staging area
  33. What does the expression n filter transformations do in Informatica Slowly growing target wizard?
  34. What do you mean by change data capture in Informatica?
  35. What is JMS and what is the relation between powerconnect and JMS?
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