Informatica Interview Questions Collection 3

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Accenture Informatica Interview Questions. Collected from interviewers.

  1. Define subject area in Informatica?
  2. Explain what is the difference between reusable transformation and mapplets?
  3. What do you mean by repository agent in Informatica?
  4. When we are having data in the target table and there are no primary key or foreign key mentioned in the target table then How will you update as well as insert the data?
  5. Which transformation can perform the non Equi-join?
  6. Can any one please tell me the architecture of Informatica and please tell me the flow of data in Informatica?
  7. Can any one tell why we are populating time dimension only with scripts not with mapping?
  8. Discuss which is better among incremental load, Normal Load and Bulk load
  9. Does Informatica provide a SAS exit in any of its products?
  10. How can you define a transformation? Explain in brief what are different types of transformations available in Informatica?
  11. How can you delete duplicate rows with out using Dynamic Lookup? Tell me any other ways using lookup delete the duplicate rows?
  12. Can you tell me how can you identify the changed records in operational data? 
  13. How can you import 500 files from Tally Accounting software to Informatica. ?
  14. How to append the records in flat file(Informatica) ? Where as in Datastage we have the options) overwrite the existing fileii) Append existing file
  15. How do we use mapping parameters and what is their usage?
  16. How do we use the shared cache feature in look up transformation?
  17. Under what conditions we can not use joiner transformation, Can you explain about the limitations of joiner transformation? 
  18. In which particular circumstances do we use dynamic lookup?
  19. What are Meta Data Extensions used in an Informatica mapping? What is the significance, usage and How Informatica handles them?
  20. Explain in brief what do you mean by partition points in Informatica?
  21. What are the different types of OLAP TECHNOLOGY available? 
  22. What are the different types of transformation available in Informatica. and What are the mostly used ones among them
  23. What are the tools for scheduling purpose other than workflow manager or pmcmd? 
  24. Explain what are the tools provided by Designer in Informatica? 
  25. Can you tell me what exactly is tracing level in Informatica?
  26. What happens if the Informatica server doesn't find the session parameter in the parameter file?
  27. What is constraint based error? How ll you clarify it?
  28. What is cost effective transformation between lookup and joiner
  29. Define Local Repository in Informatica? 
  30. What is lookup transformation and update strategy transformation and explain with an example.
  31. What is suggested method for validating fields/marking them with errors?
  32. What do you mean by surrogate key ? Can you tell me how many surrogate key used in your dimensions?
  33. Explain what is the difference between source definition database and source qualifier?
  34. Differentiate between source qualifier transformation and application source qualifier transformation? 
  35. How to append records in flat file using Informatica?
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