Informatica Technical Questions Collection

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Informatica Interview Papers Collection.

Professionals are invited to share Answers for these Informatica Interview Questions.Learn by sharing Informatica Interview Questions asked in various companies.

  1. How many types of dimensions are available in Informatica?
  2. How to move the mapping from one database to another?
  3. How can you create a mapping using multiple lookup transformation?
  4. In a session log file where can you find the reader and the writer details?
  5. What are bitmap indexes and how and why are they used?
  6. After dragging the ports of three sources(sql server,oracle,informix) to a single source qualifier, can you map these three ports directly to target?
  7. Can you use the mapping parameters or variables created in one maping into another maping? 
  8. Explain about the designer tools for creating transformations?
  9. What are the rank caches in Informatica? 
  10. What are variable ports and list two situations when they can be used?
  11. What is associated port in look up.
  12. Explain about the incremantal aggregation in Informatica?
  13. What do you mean by a session recovery in Informatica?
  14. Explain what is the main difference between Normal load and Bulk load?
  15. What is the optimum method to load five flat files with same structures into target?
  16. What will be the way to send only duplicate records to the Target?
  17. Which all databases PowerCenter Server on UNIX can connect to?
  18. Are you involved in high level low level design? What is meant by that high level design n low
  19. level design?
  20. Can you use the mapping parameters or variables created in one maping into any other reusable transformation? 
  21. Explain how can we partition a session in Informatica?
  22. How do you create single lookup transformation using multiple tables?
  23. How many types of facts are there Informatica and what are they?
  24. How to parse characters using functions in the expression transformation. For example if a
  25. column has character like mgr=a. I have to parse the character 'mgr='. Which function should I use?
  26. In a Type 1 mapping with one source and one target table what is the minimum number of update strategy transformations to be used?
  27. Explain about the Connected and Unconnected Lookups?
  28. What are the difference between joiner transformation and source qualifier transformation?
  29. What are the real time problems generally come up while doing/running mapping/any
  30. transformation?can any body explain with example.
  31. Explain about the various types of Aggregation? 
  32. What do you mean by a authenticator in Informatica?
  33. What is incremental loading in Informatica(that is used to load only updated information in the
  34. source)?How and where you use it in Informatica?
  35. What does session mean in Informatica?
  36. Explain what is the difference between next value and current value ports in sequence generator?\
  37. Differentiate between source and target object definitions in Informatica?
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