Interview Questions on Business Objects

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Accenture Business Objects Interview Questions.

BO professionals are invited to share Answers.

  1. What do you mean by off-peak time in Business Objects?
  2. Explain what is the concept of Micro Cube in Business Objects and describe business reason for the usage.
  3. How would you export a BO report to Microsoft Word?
  4. Explain how do you export reports to repository in BO?
  5. Explain about the BO Data Providers?
  6. What do you mean by a file watcher? Explain its usage.
  7. What is Broad casting Agent in BO? 
  8. What do you mean by Report Bursting ? 
  9. What is Candidate Object in BO? What are the steps do you take to resolve #overflow error? 
  10. Differentiate between compatible and incompatible objects in BO?
  11. I have 3 predefined prompts. In a BO report it will come randomly. How they will come in a specified format? 
  12. Can you tell  which type of the OLAP Tool is Business objects ? 
  13. How do you achieve the many to many relationship (M:M) in Business Objects?
  14. Explain what are the advantages of universe and WEBI reports. 
  15. Explain what do you mean by fantrap in Business Objects? 
  16. BO Queries can be combined, what are the different ways of combining queries? 
  17. Explain scenario how to get multiple values in a cell (multi value error)
  18. Explain scenario where you would use theta Join in Business objects ? 
  19. What are the different Data Providers support in Web Intelligence and DeskTop Intelligence? 
  20. Is Snow flake schema is normalized or denormalized? Explain How?
  21. Difference Between ForEach and ForALL used in BO?
  22. Explain in brief what is the difference between break and section in Reports.
  23. How can we add two universe in BO?
  24. Explain what is new in BusinessObjects XI Release 2 compared to BusinessObjects XI Release 1? 
  25. Explain in brief about the connection string in Business Objects? 
  26. How do you test a report without using SQL editor in BO?
  27. How do we debug the universe in designer module in BO?
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