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BO Universes, Business Objects Intelligence Interview Questions.

Define console mode? Can you tell what you can do there?
Answer : Console mode provides the task information of the scheduled BCA tasks, processed/non-processed tasks.

Explain extended syntax in Business Objects?
Answer : Extended syntax allows users to perform calculations on a particular block, report, or body as per the requirement.

Explain in brief how do you get 24 hr clock rather than 12 hr clock?

Answer : Format the date time to HH:MM:SS. This should make the clock 24 hr. If this does not work we need to change the clock settings in the Regional Settings of Control Panel to show a 24hr clock and select the 24hr clock in format panel of a field.

Can you perform/ put sort on hidden objects? How many ways of hiding are there?
Answer : Yes. There are two ways of hiding 1. Normal Hiding 2. Conditional Hiding.

What do you mean by conditional hiding?
Answer : Conditional Hiding is a process of hiding a field or a block if a particular condition is satisfied.

Can you tell me why Business Objects generates two separate SQL?

Answer : When we query on objects, which do not have a join, they are executed as two different SQL and then synchronized.

What you need to do when you are unable to write combine queries in BO?

Answer : In the Universe Parameters, SQL tab check the option Allow use of UNION, INTERSECT and MINUS operators.

How can you run the same report against another universe, without creating all again?

Answer : Changing the Universe name in the Definition tab of Data Manager

Explain custom sorting and how do you do it?

Answer : Sorting of the variables in the order set by the user.

Can you create a report with more than one data provider in Business Objects?
Answer : Yes. Create two data providers and then create a virtual cardinality on the two micro cubes based on a particular field.

Explain in brief how Business Objects generate a query?

Answer : Business Objects is a query builder, which builds the query, based on the selected fields and selected conditions. This generates an SQL, which is executed on the database through a middleware either through ODBC or through some other connection. The database creates a resultset and provides the same to ODBC and which the Business Objects converts to Microcube.

Explain the usage of VBA in Business Objects?
Answer : To provide additional programming ability to Business Objects

Can you tell me how do you make a report read only or refresh only?
Answer : While saving a report in the Save window, click Options give a password for reading & writing.

What do you mean by a vertical break and where do you use it?

Answer : It is similar to horizontal break which break on a particular value but typically used in a cross tab

Explain in brief how do you configure different modules of Business Objects for the users?

Answer : Supervisor decides which user needs to be provided access to different modules
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