Business Objects Interview Questions and Explanations

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BO Question Answers and Explanations.

What do you mean by Hierarchies in BO?
Answer : Objects are also organized in this way for drilling. When you analyze data in drill mode, you use hierarchies. The Universe classes are the default hierarchies you use for drilling but the Universe designer can also set up custom hierarchies. You can also create and edit hierarchies in your reports.
Drill hierarchies only contain dimension objects. In drill mode, you drill down on dimensions.

Explain what do you mean by RDT in Business Objects?

Answer : Rapid Deployment Templates, are provided by Business Objects to provide a connectivity wizard to ERP

What is @variable, BOUSER, BOPASS in BO? Why do you use it?

Answer : @Variable: is used to capture the values entered by the user at the prompts.
BOUSER: This Business Objects system variable represents the username to connect to the repository.
BOPASS: This Business Objects system variable represents the Password to connect to the repository.

How do you write a sub select in the object definition?

Answer : We can write the sub-select in the where condition of the object.

My report is retrieving 161 rows and it shows only two rows but not prompting partial results, how can I see all the 161 rows?
Answer : This is because in the Query panel \ Options “No duplicate rows” is selected.

Under what circumstances we use external functions?

Answer : External functions are functions outside the Business Objects:
1.Stored Procedure 2. VBA function 3. Native C++ functions.
These are used to leverage on the advantages of the programming abilities they come with, which is very difficult to achieve in Business Objects.

How can I detect the name of the person who created the report?

Answer : From the properties window. (File ? Properties). This is stored in the DOCUMENTAUTHOR().

What do you mean by NoFilter function?
Answer : Returns the calculation performed on data with all filters on the data ignored.
Syntax: NoFilter (formula)

What do you mean byDrill filters function?
Answer : Returns the filtered value of the variable filtered in drill mode.
Syntax: DrillFilters ()

What do you mean by a Fill function?

Answer : Repeats a character string a certain number of times. Syntax: Fill (character string, number of times)

What do you mean by a drill mode?
Answer : Drill mode is a BUSINESSOBJECTS analysis mode that allows you to break down data and view it from different angles and on different levels.

How do I maintain the order of prompts in the report and when I have more than one prompt what is the default order?
Answer : By default the prompts are displayed in the ascending order. In order to maintain the order of prompts we need to create them in an ascending order

What is the disadvantage of checking the 'Do not generate SQL button'?
Answer : Do not generate SQL, is the option provided by Business Objects to the user to keep intact the changes made to the SQL without overwriting with the default SQL code

Your export option is disabled what do you need to do?Answer : There are two causes:
1. You are working in a work group mode
2. The export privilege is disabled by the Supervisor.

What do you mean by a template? Why do you create them and what you include in a template?

Answer : Template is a document that provides report layout and formats that you can apply to existing reports and that you can use when creating new reports.

How do you send report for testing, to people who do not have Business Objects installed on their PC's? 

Answer : 
  • View the reports through the Infoview
  • Save the document as pdf/html/xls/csv and send it across to user
  • Create a VBA procedure, which would create a .pdf file on save and send it across to the user group on close event 
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