Data Warehouse : DataStage Interview Questions Part 2

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DataStage interview questions for freshers and experienced.

Please use the comment section to answer the Datastage Interview Questions.

  1. Define Static Hash files and Dynamic Hash files?
  2. Differentiate between Datastage Server jobs and Datastage Parallel jobs?
  3. Explain what is 'insert for update' in Datastage
  4. How can you call external function or subroutine from Datastage? 
  5. How can you do oracle 4 way inner join if there are 4 oracle input files? 
  6. How can you pass filename as the parameter for a job in Datastage? 
  7. Explain the process of populating source files? 
  8. Explain the process of installing and configuring Datastage EE on Sun Micro systems multi-processor hardware running the Solaris 9 operating system? 
  9. Explain the process of eliminating duplicate rows?
  10. Differentiate between routine and transform and function?
  11. What do you know about INTEGRITY/QUALITY stage? 
  12. How do you attach a mtr file (MapTrace) via email and the MapTrace is used to record all the execute map errors?
  13. If your running 4 ways parallel and you have 10 stages on the canvas, how many processes does Datastage create?
  14. Explain the main differences between Oracle8i and 9i database?
  15. Explain how will you pass the parameter to the job schedule if the job is running at night? What step will you take if the job fails at night? 
  16. Explain what are the difficulties and constraints faced in using Datastage ? 
  17. What are XML files and how do you read data from XML files and what stage to be used? 
  18. How will you track performance statistics and enhance it in Datastage?
  19. How will you pass the parameter to the job sequence if the job is running at night?
  20. Explain with a scenario where we would use range partitioning ?
  21. What do you mean by job commit in Datastage? 
  22. Explain what is the main disadvantages of staging area ?
  23. How will you configure api_dump in Datastage?
  24. Does type of partitioning change for SMP and MPP systems? 
  25. What is the main difference between RELEASE THE JOB and KILL THE JOB?
  26. How can you convert a snow flake schema into star schema. Explain? 
  27. What do you mean by Fact loading? 
  28. Where we can use these Stages Link Partitionar, Link Collector and Inter Process (OCI) in Datastage?
  29. Where can you output data using the Peek Stage? 
  30. Define METASTAGE?
  31. In which situation, we are using RUN TIME COLUMN PROPAGATION option?
  32. Explain what is the difference between Datastage and Datastage TX?
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