Data Warehouse : DataStage Interview Questions Part 3

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Collection of DataStage Interview Questions.

  1. Describe iconv and oconv functions?
  2. What do you mean by project life cycle and how do you implement it?
  3. Explain the usage of Stage Variable?
  4. Explain the significance of using the key and difference between Surrogate keys and natural key?
  5. How to read the data from XL FILES?
  6. Explain what are Hot Fix for ODBC Stage for AS400 V5R4 in Datastage 7.1?
  7. What do you mean by a Datastage engine. Explain its purpose and significance 
  8. Differentiate between Transform and Routine in Datastage?
  9. Why is hash file is faster than sequential file and odbc stage? 
  10. How do you write and execute routines for PX jobs in c++? 
  11. Explain what do you mean by a routine in Datastage? 
  12. How do you distinguish the surrogate key in different dimensional tables? 
  13. Explain how can we generate a surrogate key in server or parallel jobs? 
  14. What do you mean by NLS in Datastage? 
  15. Explain with steps how to read the data from XL FILES? 
  16. What is the difference between pipeline and partition parallelism?
  17. What is the importance of  a Hash file?Can we use sequential file instead? 
  18. Why do we use pivot stage in Datastage?
  19. Differentiate between reference link and straight link ?
  20. List the command line functions that import and export the Datastage jobs?
  21. Name the various process which starts when the Datastage engine starts?
  22. How to use rank updates strategy in Datastage 
  23. What do you mean by Ad-Hoc access? What is the difference between Managed Query and Ad-Hoc access?
  24. What do you mean by Runtime Column Propagation and how do we use it? 
  25. Differentiate between OCI stage and ODBC stage? 
  26. Explain how can you remove duplicates without using remove duplicate stage?
  27. Consider a scenario, if a Datastage job aborts after say 1000 records, how to continue the job from 1000th record after fixing the error? 
  28. Explain how do we remove duplicates in server job?
  29. Differentiate between Join, Merge and Lookup Stage? 
  30. Explain how do you run the job in command prompt in unix? 
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