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DataStage Interview Questions asked in a Datawarehousing Interview.

  1. Can you tell me is it possible to run parallel jobs in server jobs?
  2. Explain what are the enhancements made in Datastage 7.5 compared to 7.0?
  3. If you add a new environment variable in Windows, how can I access it in Datastage?
  4. Can you tell if it possible to move the data from oracle ware house to SAP Warehouse using with Datastage Tool. 
  5. Explain in brief how can we create Containers? 
  6. What do you mean by a data set? What is a file set?
  7. Differentiate between Inprocess and Interprocess ? 
  8. Briefly describe about the various client components? 
  9. Describe orabulk and bcp stages in Datastage?
  10. What is the use of DS Director? 
  11. How do you extract data from DB2 (on IBM iSeries) to the data warehouse using Datastage as the ETL tool.
  12. Can you tell me how can we pass parameters to a job by using file?
  13. How can we implement Lookup in Datastage Server jobs? 
  14. What is the user variable activity, tell me when it used and how it used? Explain with examples.
  15. What do you mean by hashing algorithm and explain in brief how it works? 
  16. Explain what happens when output of a hash file is connected to transformer.
  17. What is merge operation and how to use merge in Datastage?
  18. Under what circumstances you use SQL LOADER or OCI STAGE? 
  19. What are the main use of System variables?
  20. Can you tell me how the hash file does lookup in server jobs? How does it compare the key values? 
  21. How do you handle the rejected rows in Datastage? 
  22. Explain how is Datastage 4.0 functionally different from the enterprise edition now? Describe the exact changes? 
  23. How can you specify a filter command for processing data while defining sequential file output data? 
  24. Name the three different types of user-created stages available for PX? 
  25. Does Enterprise Edition only add the parallel processing for better performance?Are any stages/transformations available in the enterprise edition only? 
  26. Explain what are the validations you would perform after creating jobs in designer?
  27. Describe the different type of errors you faced during loading and what approach you applied to solve them.
  28. Explain what you mean by merge and how it can be done. Can you explain with an example taking two tables?
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