IBM DataStage Interview Questions

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IBM DataStage Interview Questions.

Please use the comment section to answer the Datastage Interview Questions.

  1. Explain how can you do incremental load in Datastage?
  2. How can we use NLS function in Datastage? Describe the advantages of NLS function? Explain in detail.
  3. What do you mean by APT_CONFIG in Datastage?
  4. Explain how can we do the automation of dsjobs? 
  5. how do you do troubleshooting in server jobs ? Can you tell what are the different kinds of errors encountered while running any job? 
  6. Describe Datastage Multi-byte, Single-byte file conversions? Explain briefly how can we use that conversions in Datastage? 
  7. What Performance tuning techniques you would apply to increase the performance of slowly running jobs? 
  8. What is UTF 8? Explain its usage.
  9. What will happens if RCP is disabled?
  10. What  do you mean by Routines and where/how are they written?
  11. What  do you mean by version Control? Explain how it is done in Datastage.
  12. Can you tell what are the Repository Tables in Datastage and what are they? 
  13. If there is a need to process 3 files in sequentially one by one , how can you achieve that. while processing the files it should fetch all the files automatically .
  14. Name the versions of Datastage Parallel , server editions and in which year they are released. 
  15. What  do you mean by Job parameters?
  16. Explain how do you connect a DB2 database on AS400 to Datastage? Does it require ODBC 1st to open the database connectivity and then use an adapter for just connecting between the two? 
  17. Explain what is the difference between Datastage and Datastage TX?
  18. Explain the process of extracting data from more than one heterogeneous sources. For example one sequenal file, Sybase , Oracle in a singale Job. 
  19. Explain how to improve the performance of Datastage jobs? 
  20. Name the defaults nodes for Datastage parallel Edition?
  21. How do we join one Oracle source and Sequential file? Explain.
  22. What  do you mean by Modulus and Splitting in Dynamic Hashed File? 
  23. What is a Batch Program and how can we generate one? 
  24. Differentiate between Datastage Developers and Datastage Designers. What are the skills required for both. 
  25. Suppose, if there are million records, will you use OCI? If not, then what stage do you prefer? 
  26. What are the different types of Hashed File? 
  27. What is the use of the DS Designer in Datastage?
  28. Explain the process of calling an external Java function which are not supported by Datastage? 
  29. Why do we have to load the dimensional tables first and then fact tables?
  30. Explain how to create batches in Datastage from CMD(command prompt)?
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