Informatica ETL Interview Questions 2

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Informatica Interview Questions and Data Warehouse Interview Questions.

  1. Explain what is data merging, data cleansing, sampling?
  2. What do you mean by complex mapping in Informatica?
  3. What do you mean by target load order in Informatica?
  4. What is the difference between SQL override in Source Qualifier and SQL override in Look up transformation.
  5. What do you mean by status code in Informatica?
  6. Where do you define update strategy?
  7. Which transformation should you need when using the COBOL sources as source defintions?
  8. Can you start and stop single session in concurrent bstch?
  9. Explain about Informatica server process that How it works relates to mapping variables?
  10. Explain in detail how can you improve the performance of Aggregate transformation?
  11. How do you load the time dimension in Informatica?
  12. How do you create a custom transformation, can you give a realtime example where exactly you have used it.
  13. Explain how do you work with pmcmd on windows platform?
  14. What do you mean by Shortcuts in Informatica?
  15. What are the different ways you can employ to filter rows using Informatica transformations?
  16. What are the types of data flows in workflow manager
  17. What happens when the session stops half way while loading? How to join a flat file without matching keys in RDBMS?
  18. What is meant by EDW in Informatica?
  19. What is Target Update Override in Informatica? What is its usage?
  20. Explain in brief what is the difference between SQL Overriding in Source qualifier and Lookup transformation?
  21. Explain what do you mean by Source definitions in Informatica?
  22. Explain about target load order?
  23. Where does the records goes which does not satisfy condition in filter transformation?
  24. While importing the relational source definition from database, what are the meta data of source that you import?
  25. Can you use a session Bulk loading option that time can you make a recovery to the session?
  26. Explain about perform recovery in Informatica?
  27. How can you join two or more tables without using the source qualifier override SQL or a Joiner transformation?
  28. Explain the process of maintaining Historical data and how to retrieve the same?
  29. How do you create parameter file and How to use it in a mapping explain with example
  30. How do you write a filter condition to get all the records of employees hired between any two given dates.
  31. What is Data Modeling? What are the different types of Data Modeling?
  32. Can you tell me whether a fact table normalized or de-normalized?
  33. What are the difference between joiner transformation and source qualifier transformation?
  34. What are the types of data that passes between informatica server and stored procedure
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