Informatica FAQS, Technical Interview Questions

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Informatica Technical Interview Questions and FAQs.

  1. Explain what is a code page in Informatica?
  2. What do you mean by Data Transformation Manager?
  3. What is meant by Junk Attribute in Informatica?
  4. Explain what is the advantages of converting stored procedures into Informatica mappings?
  5. Explain what is the difference between static cache and dynamic cache ?
  6. What is the Technical reason for having Source Qualifier in Informatica? Can a mapping be implemented without it?
  7. Where from we get the source data or how we access the source data?
  8. While importing the relational source definition from database, what are the meta data of source you import? 
  9. Can identify existing rows of data using unconnected lookup transformation.
  10. Explain about Recovering sessions in Informatica? 
  11. How can you join two tables without using joiner and SQL override transformations?
  12. How do you measure slowly changing dimensions using lookup table
  13. How to create primary key only on odd numbers?
  14. How Union Transformation is used in Informatica?
  15. Is it possible to execute work flows in different repositories at the same time using the same Informatica server?
  16. What are steps involved in connecting OLTP system to DATAWARE HOUSE to get the source from OLTP system
  17. What are the enhancements made to Informatica 7.1.1 version when compared to 6.2.2 version? 471. explain use of update strategy transformation
  18. What are the types of groups in Router transformation? 
  19. Tell me the command command that used to run a batch? 
  20. What do you mean by Datadriven in Informatica? 
  21. Explain what do you mean by lookup caches in Informatica?
  22. What is the architecture of any Data warehousing project? What is the flow?
  23. Explain what is the difference between STOP & ABORT in INFORMATICA session level ?
  24. Why do you use auxiliary mapping in Informatica?
  25. Where is the cache stored in Informatica?
  26. While running a session what default files are created?
  27. Can Informatica be used as a Cleansing Tool? If Yes, give example of transformations that can implement a data cleansing routine.
  28. Explain about scheduling real time in Informatica.
  29. How can you migrate Mappings and Sessions from Informatica 6.2 to Informatica 7.1?
  30. How can you migrate from one environment to another like development to production in Informatica.
  31. Explain how can you create slowly changing dimension in Informatica?
  32. How do we validate all the mappings in the repository at once
  33. Is it possible to refresh the Materialized view in Informatica?
  34. What are Target definitions in Informatica?
  35. What are the general reasons of session failure with Look Up having Dynamic Cache?
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