Informatica Frequently Asked Interview Questions

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Informatica Frequently Asked Interview Questions in top Software Companies.

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  1. Can you tell me what are the main issues while working with flat files as source and as targets ?
  2. What are the different types of mapping in Getting Started Wizard?
  3. What do you mean by look up transformation in Informatica?
  4. Explain what is difference between dimension table and fact table and what are different dimension tables and fact tables.
  5. What do you mean by mystery dimension in Informatica?
  6. What is the default join that source qualifier provides? 
  7. Explain in detail what is the difference between static cache and dynamic cache in which scenario do we use them
  8. What is the use of Source-based commits ? Please elaborate with an example?
  9. Whether are not the session can be considered to have a heterogeneous target is determined?
  10. Why should not you go for Snowflake schema in Informatica? 
  11. Can we lookup a table from a source qualifier transformation-unconnected lookup
  12. Explain Session Recovery Process in Informatica?
  13. How can you work with remote database in informatica?did you work directly by using remote connections? 
  14. How can you transfer the data from data warehouse to flat-file?
  15. How do we enter same record twice in target table? Can you provide us the syntax.
  16. What are the advantages of Sequence generator? Is it necessary, if so why? 
  17. What are the mappings that we use for slowly changing dimension table? 
  18. Explain what are the types of metadata that stores in repository? 
  19. What do you mean by a lookup table in Informatica? 
  20. What is the main difference between IIF and DECODE function?
  21. What do you mean by ODS ?What data loaded from it ? What is DW architecture?
  22. Explain what is the default source option for update strategy transformation? 
  23. What is the difference between SCD and INCREMENTAL Aggregation?
  24. What is the use of tracing levels in transformation in Informatica? 
  25. List us the activities can be performed using the repository manager?
  26. Why did you use stored procedure in your ETL Application?
  27. Can we modify the data in flat file in Informatica?
  28. Explain the Informatica Architecture in detail.
  29. Explain how can you handle errors in Informatica?
  30. How do you use Normalizer to convert columns into rows ?
  31. How to execute PL/SQL script from Informatica mapping?
  32. Explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of a star schema and snowflake schema.
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