Informatica Interview FAQs and Answers

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Data Warehousing Interview Questions, Informatica Interview FAQs and Answers, Informatica Questions asked in top companies.

What is the difference between the rank and dense rank?
As far as the rank is concerned the same rank is being assigned to two people with same number. It is also called the gold ranking. It is followed in golf. However, in the dense ranking it is not so.

What are the type of repositories created using Informatica Repository Manager?
Informatica PowerCenter includes following type of repositories:
Standalone Repository, which functions individually.
Global Repository which is a centralized repository in a domain and it also contain shared objects across the repositories in a domain.
Local Repository is one which is within a domain.
Versioned Repository can be either local or global but it allows version control.

What is the difference between reusable transformation and mapplet?
Reusable transformation is a single transformation and mapplet is a set of transformations.
What is the incapability of Lookup transformation?
We can not use Lookup transformation for non-RDBMS sources.

Where do we override native SQL in transformations?
We can override it in source qualifier and lookup transformation.

When we read from source and write into flat file, how to specify the column names in the flat file?
Using pre-SQL, we can specify the column names.

How do we track rejected or bad data?
We can design a trap mechanism using Router or filter transformation and track the rejected data.

What are the connected or unconnected transformations?
An unconnected transformation is not connected to other transformations in the mapping.
Connected transformation is connected to other transformations in the mapping.

How many ways you create ports?
Two ways
1. Drag the port from another transformation
2. Click the add button on the ports tab.

What are the reusable transformations?
Reusable transformations can be used in multiple mappings. When you need to incorporate this transformation into maping, you add an instance of it to maping.Later if you change the definition of the transformation, all instances of it inherit the changes. Since the instance of reusable transformation is a pointer to that transforamtion, you can change the transformation in the transformation developer, its instances automatically reflect these changes.This feature can save you great deal of work.

What is a transformation?
A transformation is a repository object that generates, modifies, or passes data. The Designer provides a set of transformations that perform specific functions. Each transformation has rules for configuring and connecting in a mapping. Transformation is created to use once in a mapping or reusable transformations can be created to use in multiple mappings.
Eg. Aggregator transformation performs calculations on groups of data.

What is the difference between the Informatica 7.0 and Informatica 8.0?
The main difference between the Informatica 7.0 and 8.0 is that in Informatica 8.0 the power exchange concept has been added.

In a sequential batch can you run the session if previous session fails?
Yes. By setting the option always runs the session.

Can you start a batch with in a batch?
No, If you want to start batch that resides in a batch, create a new independent batch and copy the necessary sessions into the new batch.

Can you start a session inside a batch individually?
We can start our required session only in case of sequential batch. in case of concurrent batch . we can’t do like this.

How can you stop a batch?
By using server manager or pmcmd.

What are the types of loading in Informatica?
There are two types of loading in Informatica, normal loading and bulk loading.
In normal loading record by record are loaded and writes log for that. In this longer time is needed to load data to the target.

In bulk loading number of records are loaded at a time to target database. It takes less time to load data to the target than in normal loading.\
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