Informatica Tool Interview Questions

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Informatica Tool Interview Questions.

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  1. Explain how do we load fact table in Informatica?
  2. What the dimension load methods in Informatica?
  3. What  do you mean by a view? How it is related to data independence?And what are the different types of views,and What is Materialize view
  4. What is exact use of 'Online' and 'Offline' server connect Options while defining Work flow in
  5. Work flow monitor in Informatica?
  6. What  do you mean by Repository size, what is its min and max size?
  7. Explain what is the difference between Informatica Powercenter server, repository server and repository?
  8. What is the main difference between using an object from shared folder and copying an object and using that copied object ?
  9. What kind of Update strategies are normally used for (Type 1, 2 & 3) and what are the differences?
  10. Can you start a batches with in a batch? 
  11. How can we eliminate duplicate rows from flat file?
  12. Explain how do you automatically execute a batch or session?
  13. How many minimum groups can be defined in a Router transformation?
  14. How to load the data from people soft HRM to people soft ERM using Informatica?
  15. In a flat file SQL override will work are not? What is the extension of flatfile?
  16. What about rapidly changing dimensions?Can you analyze with an example?
  17. What is aggregate awareness in Informatica?
  18. What is granularity in INFORMATICA? How should be the level of granularity for a fact table as well as for a dimension table?
  19. What  do you mean by Router transformation in Informatica? 
  20. What is the difference between Informatica repository server & Informatica server
  21. What is TOAD and for what purpose it will be used in Informatica?
  22. Can you write a query to retrieve the latest records from the table sorted by version(scd).
  23. Can you start a session inside a batch individually? 
  24. Explain how can we eliminate source bottleneck using query hint
  25. How can you change change column to row in Informatica
  26. How many number of sessions that You can create in a batch? 
  27. How to load the time dimension using Informatica ?
  28. In a joiner transformation, you should specify the source with fewer rows as the master source.Why?
  29. What are 2 modes of data movement in Informatica Server?
  30. What is aggregate cache in aggregator transforamtion? 
  31. What  do you mean by grouped cross tab in Informatica?
  32. What is semi-additive measures and fully additive measures?
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