Accenture DataStage Interview Questions

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Accenture Datastage Interview Questions.

Please use the comment section to answer the Datastage Interview Questions.

  1. Explain how do you drop the index before loading data in target and how to rebuild it in Datastage?
  2. Tell me what is the transaction size and array size in OCI stage?
  3. What do you mean by job control? Explain how it is developed with the steps involved?
  4. What is the significance of exception activity in Datastage 7.5? 
  5. What is the algorithm used in link collector?Can you explain how it works? 
  6. How do you implement slowly changing dimensions in Datastage? 
  7. Describe what does separation option in static hash-file mean?
  8. How do you improve the performance of a hash file in Datastage? 
  9. Explain how will you check for consistency and integrity of model and repository in Datastage ?
  10. Explain with steps how we can call the routine in Datastage job?  
  11. What do you mean by job control? Explain its usage.
  12. How can you find the number of rows in a sequential file? 
  13. If the size of the Hash file exceeds 2GB, what will happen? Will it overwrite the current rows? 
  14. Explain with example where we use link partitioner in Datastage job?
  15. Can we use shared container as lookup in Datastage server jobs?
  16. Explain with examples what is instance in Datastage?
  17. Tell the difference between validated ok and compiled in Datastage? 
  18. What do you mean by auditstage, profilestage, qulaitystages in Datastge?
  19. Differentiate between Merge stage and Join stage?
  20. Explain what is the difference between DRS and ODBC stage?
  21. What is the purpose of .dsx files are used in the Datastage?
  22. Explain how can you clean the Datastage repository?
  23. Explain Usage analysis in Datastage ?
  24. How can you join flat file and database in Datastage? 
  25. Explain with examples call procedures in Datastage? 
  26. How can you implement Complex Jobs in Datastage 
  27. What is the meaning of Try to have the constraints in the 'Selection' criteria of the jobs itself?
  28. What do you mean by constraints and derivation?
  29. Explain the complete process of taking backup in Datastage?
  30. How does Datastage handle user security? Explain.
  31. What are the Steps involved in development of a job in Datastage? 
  32. Can you tell me what is the max capacity of Hash file in Datastage? 
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