SAP ABAP Programming Interview Questions

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Overview:SAP ABAP Programming Questions,Real time questions on SAP ABAP Programming

1. What is a client in SAP terminology?
A S/W component that uses the service (offered by a s/w component) is called a Client. At the same time these clients may also be servers for other services.

2.What is a SAP system?
The union of all s/w components that are assigned to the same databases is called as a SAP system.

3. What is the means of communications between R/3 and external applications?
The means of communication between R/2,R/3 and external applications is via the CPI-C handler or SAP Gateway, using the CPI-C Protocol.

4. What is the protocol used by SAP Gateway process?
The SAP Gateway process communicates with the clients based on the TCP/IP Protocol.

5. Expand CPI-C.
Common Program Interface Communication.

6. What is a Spool request?
Spool requests are generated during dialog or background processing and placed in the spool database with information about the printer and print format. The actual data is places in the Tem Se (Temporary Sequential objects).

7. What are different types of Log records?
V1 and V2. V1 must be processed before V2. But, we can have more than one V2 logs.

8. What are the types of Update requests?
An update request can be divided into one primary (V1) and several Secondary update components (V2). Time-critical operations are placed in V1 component and those whose timing is less critical are placed in V2 components. If a V1 update fails, V2 components will not be processed.
9. Dialog work processes perform only one dialog step and then available for the next request.

10. Explain what is a transaction in SAP terminology.
In SAP terminology, a transaction is series of logically connected dialog steps.

11. Explain how SAP GUI handles output screen for the user.
The SAP front-end s/w can either run on the same computer or on different computers provided for that purpose. User terminal input is accepted by the SAP terminal program SAP GUI, converted to SAP proprietary format and sent to the SAP dispatcher. The dispatcher coordinates the information exchange between the SAP GUIs and the work processes.

The dispatcher first places the processing request in request queues, which it then processes. The dispatcher dispatches the requests one after another, to the available work process. The actual processing takes place in the work process. When processing is complete, the result of a work process is returned via the dispatcher to the SAP GUI. The SAP GUI interprets the received data and generates the output screen for the user.
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