BO Broadcast Agent Publisher Interview Questions Answers

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BO Broadcast Agent Publisher Interview Questions Answers.

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Explain what is Broadcast Agent
Answer : BROADCAST AGENT empowers Business Objects and WEBi users to automatically process and publish their Business Objects documents via the repository, an intranet, or an extranet open to the World Wide Web.

Explain the process of sending a document to BCA?
Answer : General tab: Allows you to specify the Server, document's priority and to write a description of the document.

Actions tab: Allows you to specify the actions that you want Broadcast Agent to perform, e.g., refresh and print, save in .rtf, .txt or .pdf format, publish on channels, Report busting etc

Categories tab: Allows you to select categories for the document you are sending.

Scheduling tab: Allows you to specify the document processing start date, expiration date, schedule and File Watcher.

Distribution tab: Allows you to specify who will receive the document and the method of distribution: via the file system, a web server, or the Business Objects repository.

What is the use of the File Watcher?
Answer : File Watcher is the Broadcast Agent feature that permits the processing of tasks when and only when a specified file is present in its specified location.The File Watcher gives you control over when Broadcast Agent processes the document.

Where can the file be located, and what will happen if Broadcast Agent can't find the file?
Answer : The file can be located wherever you want--on a server, on the client or on a file system--as long as the Broadcast Agent machine can access the file where it has been defined.If the Broadcast Agent can't locate the file at task execution time, it simply doesn't run the task.

Define Report bursting?
Answer : Report bursting means refreshing the document with the user profile of each recipient.

Explain in detail about the Broadcast Agent Publisher?
Answer : Broadcast Agent Publisher is a server-based product that allows you to broadcast information by email and to manage the delivery of the emails.

BROADCAST AGENT PUBLISHER adds functionality to BROADCAST AGENT, a product that allows BUSINESSOBJECTS and WEBINTELLIGENCE users to process and publish their business intelligence documents automatically via a repository, an intranet, an extranet and the Internet.

Business Objects Broadcast Agent Publisher provides fast, personalized, and intelligent information delivery allowing you to easily and quickly deliver subscription based information with the minimal amount of IT resources, to many thousands of information consumers, via email based distribution mechanisms.

Why is Broadcast Agent Publisher Needed?
Answer : BCA provides Business Objects customers with several ways to update and share reports through:

A web site
A file server

Explain in detail what are the features of Broadcast Agent Publisher?
Answer : 
Email-based broadcasting
The distributions of key information, or notification of its availability, by email Publications.
For instance: You can send a sales report to every member of the marketing department every Monday.

Subscription-based publications
Recipients can subscribe to the publications that are the most useful to them, and can choose how often they want to receive them.
For instance: Your customers can receive personalized information by email every Monday morning.

Mass mailing
Ex: With an extranet deployment, you can send a promotional message to every customer who spent more than $100 last month.

Recipient groups
Grouping recipients makes it easier to manage the broadcasting of publications to a lot of email addresses.
Ex: If you decide to change the report that the sales department receives each week, you need only select a single group that contains all the email addresses.

Report scheduling
You can specify when you want publications to be sent, and allow the recipients to choose when they want to receive them.

Single pass report bursting
The source document is refreshed against the database once, and then filtered for each recipient.

Report personalization
From a single source document, you can tailor the publications you send so that each recipient receives only the data that is of specific relevance to him or her.

What do you mean by Publication in Business Object?
Answer : Publication is an email that is distributed to a range of recipients.
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