Business Objects Interview Questions Answers

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Business Objects Interview Questions and Answers.

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Why there is a need to create multiple repositories in Business Objects?
Answer :
If the organization is globally spread out and the users access the repository from different locations, then the physical distance can delay the response to the query of the user. To avoid this organizations create multiple repositories across the world, and all the repositories are synchronized on regular basis.

What  do you mean by the Business ObjectsMain.key?

Answer : 
  • Business ObjectsMain.key contains the address of the repository security domain.
  • All the users can communicate with other domains in the Repository.
  • It is created at the same time as the Security domain.
  • BoMain.key defines connection to a repository
The physical location of the file can be created either in:
  • ShData folder : default shared folder on the network
  • LocData folder : for each user to have a local copy.
Explain what is Scope Management in Business Objects?
Answer : 
  • Scope management (Tools->Options->Security Policy) is a SUPERVISOR option, which allows you to control the extent of the access that all supervisors are granted to users and user groups.
  • Standard Mode: This setting provides simple supervisor functionality (i.e., no restricted or extended powers). Supervisors will have access only to the users within their own groups.
  • Secured Mode (Default Setting): It prevents supervisors from delegating to other users the resources that do not belong to them.
  • Extended Mode: allows group supervisor’s access to users outside their own group(s) so that they can add or remove users to their own groups.
Explain what are the rules for assigning privileges to users in Business Objects?
Answer : 
  • A user is always assigned to at least one group; the first group is always the root group.
  • A user can belong to one or more groups.
  • Every user, or every user group, inherits the rights of its direct ascendants.
  • Within a group, all users have the default privileges of the group.
  • Within a group, a user may be entitled to special privileges in addition to those arising merely from his or her adherence to the group.
  • The rights assigned to descendants have precedence over those assigned to ascendants.
  • Every group is unique within the hierarchy.
Differentiate between removing and deleting a user in BO?
Answer : When you remove a user from a group, the user is not removed from other groups to which he or she was assigned. If the user belongs to only one group, then you must delete the user. Deleting a user in SUPERVISOR will permanently delete the user from the database.

Explain what is Script in BO?

Answer : A script is a set of commands, written in VBA, that is used to automate tasks. Scripts are created and executed by end users from BUSINESSOBJECTS. End users can store scripts as files with an .spt extension, or can export them to the document domain of the repository. Scripts are automatically assigned to the root group.

What do you mean by a Channel?

Answer : A channel is a Web site that uses “push” technology, also known as Webcasting, to keep subscribers abreast of up-to-date information.

What do you mean by a Category?

Answer : A category is a keyword or phrase end-users can assign to documents when they send them to users, groups, or BROADCAST AGENT.
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