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What are the difference between joiner transformation and source qualifier transformation?
In joiner transformation heterogeneous data sources can be joined but this cannot be achieved incase of source qualifier transformation.
We need matching keys to join two relational sources in source qualifier transformation whereas this is not needed incase of joiner. Two relational sources should come from same data source in source qualifier. We can join relational sources which are coming from different sources also.

What is the default join that source qualifier provides?
The default join that source qualifier uses is inner equi join.

What is Normalizer transformation?
This is one of the transformations in Informatica. This is applicable only for cobol sources. If we want to change rows into column or column into rows, we have to go for normalizer.

What are the default sources supported by Informatica Powermart?
Informatica Powermart supports Relational tables, fixed width and delimited files and Cobol sources.

What is sql override in Informatica?
We use sql override in Informatica to improve performance of lookup transformation. We write the query which is already executed by Informatica. Here we use Join queries.

What is Power Analyzer in Informatica?
Informatica Power Analyzer is the only BI tool in Informatica. This is the tool in Informatica which gives advantages for data delivering, adhoc reporting and dashboard.

What are the Hierarchy of DWH?
Data modeling
ETL process
BI process

How do you do error handling in Informatica ?

What are the various ETL tools in the Market?
Informatica, AB initio, Oracle Warehouse Builder

Is it possible to generate reports from Informatica itself..?
Yes, by using Metada Reporter, a web based application

While importing the relational source definition from database, what are the meta data of source you import?

• Source name
• Database location
• Column names
• Data types
• Key constraints

How many ways you can update a relational source definition and what are those way?

Two ways
1. Edit the definition
2. Reimport the definition

What is meant by lookup cache?
The Informatica server builds a cache in memory when it processes the first row of a data in a cached look up transformation. It allocates memory for the cache based on the amount you configure in the transformation or session properties. The Informatica server stores condition values in the index cache and output values in the data cache.

What is the target load order?
You specify the target load order based on source qualifiers in a mapping. If you have the multiple source qualifiers connected to the multiple targets, You can designate the order in which Informatica server loads data into the targets.
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