Hyperion Essbase Job Interview Questions Answers

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Can we have multiple databases in one single application?
Yes. But only one database per application is recommended.

Can we have one ASO database and one BSO database in one single application. If yes, how and If No, why.
No. Because we define ASO or BSO option while creating the appication and not database. Hence if the application is ASO, the databases it contains will be that type only.

What are the file extensions for an outline, rule file and a calc script.
.OTL, .RUL and .CSC

What is the role of provider services.
To communicate between Essbase and Microsoft office tools.

What is an alternative to create metaoutline, rule file and load data.
: Integration services and in version 11, we have Essbase studio.

What is data file cache?
A buffer in memory that holds compressed data (.PAG) files.

What is custom defined function?
Essbase calculation functions that you develop in the Java programming language and then add to the standard Essbase calculation scripting language by means of MaxL.

Can we start and stop an application individually. How ca this be used to increase performance.
Yes. We can manage our server resources by starting only the applications which receive heavy user traffic. When an application is started, all associated atabases are brought to the memory.

We have created an application as unicode mode. Can we change it later to non-unicode mode.

How can I migrate an application from my test environment to the production environment. Can I still do this if my test environment is a windows one and my production env is UNIX one. Also can I still do it if my test env and prod env versions are different.
Hyperion Administrative services console provides a migration utility to do this but onluy the application, database objects are migrated and no data is transferred. the answers to other two questions are Yes.

A customer wants to run two instances of an Essbase server on a same machine to have both test env and Development env on the same server. Can he do that?
Yes. We can have multiple instances of an Essbase server on a single machine and there will be dfferent sets of windows services for all these instances.

Suppose I have a dimension A with members B and C and I do not want B and C to roll up to A. how can I do this.
: Using (~) exclude from consolidation operator.

What is custom based macro?
Essbase macros that we write with Essbase calculator functions and special macro functions. Custom-defined macros use an internal Essbase macro language that enables you to combine calculation function and operate on multiple input parameters.

What do you mean by dirty block?
A data block containing cells that have been changed since the last calculation. Upper level blocks are marked as dirty if their child blocks are dirty (that is, have been updated)
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