Hyperion Technical Interview Questions

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What is Alias?

How many Alias Tables can be created?

How is Data Retrived from Essbase?

How is Data Stored in ASO?

What are the Different types of Attributes in ASO?

How do you create shared members in your cube?

Why do you use Fix Command?

Can you use the same logic which are used in calculation scripts in MDX formulas?

You have 5 dimensions in your cube and to load the data in the cube you have got only 4 columns what do you do?

Why do you use set update cal on and set update calc off?

What is mean by free form data load?

When do delete one member from the outline what will be status of the block?

What are different Types of blocks?

What is the difference between Attributes and UDA?

What is meant by location Alias?

Tell me about your project and what is your role in your project?

Did you write any MDX Member formulas in your Project?

What are different Types of Data Blocks?

Where do you check the data has been loaded properly or not?

What is Fact Table ? What are supporting Dimensions?

What is your Fact Table in Cube?
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