Informatica Data Warehousing Interview Questions

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Overview:Free Informatica Data Warehousing Interview Questions,Informatica Interview Questions

What are the circumstances that Infromatica server results an unrecoverable session?

What are the measure objects

What are the uses of a Sequence Generator transformation?

What is a Materialized view? Difference Between Materialized view and view

What is difference between Mapplet and reusable transformation?

What is Partitioning ? where we can use Partition? wht is advantages?Is it necessary?

What is the difference between a Database and a Datawarehouse?

What is the exact difference between joiner and lookup transformation

What is Transaction?

Why do we need lookup sql override? Do we write sql override in lookup with special aim?

Can we update target table without using update strategy transformation? why?

For homogeneous sources we use Source Qualifier to join the sources? Why not the joiner

How do we create primary key only on odd numbers?

How does dynamic cache handle the duplicates rows?

How to FTP a file to a remote server?

If a session fails after loading of 10,000 records in to the target.How can you load the records from 10001 th record when you run the session next time in Informatica 6.1?

To achieve the session partition what are the necessary tasks you have to do?

What are the Commit & Commit Intervals?

What are the methods for creating reusable transforamtions?

What are the UTP'S

What is a metadata?

What is difference between partioning of relatonal target and partitioning of file targets?

What is Partitioning, Bitmap Indexing (when to use), how will the bitmap indexing will effect the

What is the difference between a session and a task?

What is the exact meaning of domain?

What is unbounded exception in source qualifier?

Why do we need SQL overrides in Lookup transformations?

Can we use aggregator/active transformation after update strategy transformation

For joining three heterogeneous tables how many joiner transformations are required?

How do we delete staging area in our project?

How does read permission affect the use of the command line program, pmcmd?

How to Generate the Metadata Reports in Informatica?

If i done any modifications for my table in back end does it reflect in Informatca warehouse or mapping designer or source analyzer?

To provide support for Mainframes source data,which files are used as a source definitions?

What are the common errors that you face daily?
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