Informatica ETL Tool Interview Questions

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Overview:Informatica ETL Interview Questions asked in top companies like Cap Gemini,IB ,HP,Accenture,Dell,Cisco ,CTS.Learn by sharing Informatica Questions asked in various companies

What are tracing levels in transformation?

What is a Shortcut and what is the difference between a Shortcut and a Reusable Transformation?

What is DTM process?

What is Powermart and Power Center?

What is the difference between connected lookup and unconnected lookup?

What is the functionality of Lookup Transformation (connected & un connected)

What is Update Strategy?

why sorter transformation is an active transformation?

Can you access a repository created in previous version of Informatica?

How a LOOKUP is passive?

How do we estimate the depth of the session scheduling queue? Where do we set the number of
maximum concurrent sessions that Informatica can run at a given time?

How does the server recognise the source and target databases?

How to get the records starting with particular letter like A in Informatica?

If source qualifier having employee details.the empid is in 5th placle and deptno is in 7th column then. you selected sort by 2. but how the Informatica server will come know that those are the fields to sort.

What are the type of loading procedures?

What are the connected or unconnected transformations?

What are the options in the target session of update strategy transsformatioin?

What are Transformations?

What is a source qualifier?

What is DTM process?2. What are the output files that Informatica creates during the session running?3. limitations of joiner transformations?under which conditions we can't use joiner transformation?

What is pre-session and post-session?

What is the difference between connected stored procedure and unconnected stored procedure?

What is the gap analysis?

What is use of event waiter?

Why we use lookup transformations?

Can you copy the batches?

How can I get distinct values while mapping in Informatica in insertion?

How do we estimate the number of partitons that a mapping really requires? Is it dependent on
the machine configuration?

How is the Sequence Generator transformation different from other transformations?

How to get two targets T1 containing distinct values and T2 containing duplicate values from one source S1.

If the workflow has 5 session and running sequentially and 3rd session has failed how can we run again from only 3rd to 5th session?

Under what circumstance can a target definition are edited from the mapping designer. Within the mapping where that target definition is being used?

What are the Data Cleansing Tools used in the DWH?What are the Data Profiling Tools used for DWh?

What are the out put files that the informatica server creates during the session running?

What are two modes of data movement in Informatica Server?
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