Informatica Interview Questions and Answers Part 1

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What are Data driven Sessions?
The Informatica server follows instructions coded into update strategy transformations with in the session mapping to determine how to flag records for insert,update,delete or reject.

What is Data cleansing?
: The process of finding and removing or correcting data that is incorrect, out-of-date, redundant, incomplete, or formatted incorrectly.

What is the differences between connected and unconnected lookup?
Connected lookupUnconnected lookup Receives input values diectly from the pipe line.Receives input values from the result of a lkp expression in a another transformation.

What is the look up transformation?
Use lookup transformation in you’are mapping to lookup data in a relational table,view,synonym. Informatica server queries the look up table based on the lookup ports in the transformation.

What are the basic needs to join two sources in a source qualifier?
Two sources should have primary and Foreign key relation ships. Two sources should have matching data types.

What are the reusable transforamtions?
Reusable transformations can be used in multiple mappings.When you need to incorporate this transformation into mapping ,You add an instance of it to mapping

What are the types of mapping wizards that are to be provided in Informatica?
The Designer provides two mapping wizards to help you create mappings quickly and easily. Both wizards are designed to create mappings for loading and maintaining star schemas, a series of dimensions

Why we use stored procedure transformation?
For populating and maintaining data bases.

What is tracing level and what are the types of tracing level?
Tracing level represents the amount of information that informatcia server writes in a log file. Types of tracing level Normal Verbose Verbose init Verbose data

What are Target Types on the Server?
Target Types are File, Relational and ERP.

What are Target Options on the Servers?
Target Options for File Target type are FTP File, Loader and MQ.There are no target options for ERP target typeTarget Options for Relational are Insert, Update (as Update), Update (as Insert), Update

Can you start a batches with in a batch?
You can not. If you want to start batch that resides in a batch,create a new independent batch and copy the necessary sessions into the new batch.

What are the mappings that we use for slowly changing dimension table?
Type1: Rows containing changes to existing dimensions are updated in the target by overwriting the existing dimension. In the Type 1 Dimension mapping, all rows contain current dimension data.
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