Informatica Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

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What is the mapplet?
Mapplet is a set of transformations that you build in the mapplet designer and You can use in multiple mappings.

What is update strategy transformation?
This transformation is used to maintain the history data or just most recent changes in to target table.

How can You create or import flat file definition in to the warehouse designer?
You can not create or import flat file defintion in to warehouse designer directly.Instead You must analyze the file in source analyzer,then drag it into the warehouse designer.

What are the different options used to configure the sequential batches?
Two options Run the session only if previous session completes sucessfully. Always runs the session.

How can You improve session performance in aggregator transformation?
Use sorted input.

What is Router transformation?
Router transformation allows you to use a condition to test data. It is similar to filter transformation. It allows the testing to be done on one or more conditions.

How many ways you create ports?
Two ways 1.Drag the port from another transforamtion 2.Click the add buttion on the ports tab.

How can you stop a batch?
By using server manager or pmcmd.

Can you use the mapping parameters or variables created in one mapping into any other reusable transformation?
Yes.Because reusable tranformation is not contained with any maplet or mapping .

How can you recover the session in sequential batches?
If you configure a session in a sequential batch to stop on failure, you can run recovery starting with the failed session.

How to recover sessions in concurrent batches?
If multiple sessions in a concurrent batch fail, you might want to truncate all targets and run the batch again. However, if a session in a concurrent batch fails and the rest of the sessions complete

Can you start a session inside a batch individually?
We can start our required session only in case of sequential batch.

When the Informatica server marks that a batch is failed?
If one of session is configured to "run if previous completes" and that previous session fails.
To achieve the session partition what are the necessary tasks you have to do?
Configure the session to partition source data. Install the Informatica server on a machine with multiple CPU’s.

What are various types of Aggregation?
Various types of aggregation are SUM, AVG, COUNT, MAX, MIN, FIRST, LAST, MEDIAN, PERCENTILE, STDDEV, and VARIANCE.

Which transformation should you need while using the cobol sources as source defintions?
Normalizer transformaiton which is used to normalize the data.Since cobol sources are oftenly consists of Denormailzed data.

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